Shane Priestley Hull’s Beloved Tattoo Artist Takes the Crown


Celebrating the vibrant tattoo culture in Hull, we turned to our dedicated Hull Live readers to cast their votes and highlight the most beloved tattoo artists in the area. The response was overwhelming, reflecting the rich tapestry of talent within the city. After an impressive influx of 1,600 initial votes, a shortlist of four exceptional nominees emerged. Following this, an additional 1,700 votes poured in, crucial in determining the ultimate victor.

The spotlight now shines on the maestro of ink, none other than Shane Priestley from Kingston Tattoo Studios on Beverley Road.

Shane’s prowess in tattoo artistry, particularly his skill in concealing designs, has garnered widespread acclaim. Jade enthusiastically shared a testament to his ability: “Shane Priestley does amazing work, especially at covering up scarring.” In a notable incident from 2020, Shane demonstrated his expertise by rectifying what was described as a “botched job” for a grateful client.

Maggie echoes the sentiment, expressing her admiration, “Definitely Shane Priestley; his work is amazing.”

Kingston Tattoo Studio has been crowned Hull Live reader's best
Kingston Tattoo Studio has been crowned Hull Live reader’s best(Image: Google Maps)

Leanne, a loyal patron, attested to the outstanding service at Kingston Tattoo Studios. In her nomination, she shared, “Both my daughter and I choose this studio for our tattoos. I highly recommend[ed]; very respectful, always clean, tidy, and polite. We’ve never encountered any issues with our tattoos. We’ll undoubtedly return soon. We’ve never felt uneasy; it’s where we can be ourselves without nerves. They consistently ensure you’re comfortable and maintain high politeness.”

Adding to the praise, another of Shane’s satisfied clients expressed, “An amazing person, and his work is phenomenal.” This client, who commemorated their mother and brother through Shane’s artistry, emphasized the quality of work relative to the prices. They shared, “For the quality work for his prices, I’d visit again.”

The testimonials collectively underscore Shane Priestley’s exceptional talent and the warm, welcoming atmosphere at Kingston Tattoo Studios. Beyond the skillful artistry, the personalized and respectful approach has earned Shane a place in the hearts of his clients. As a studio that goes beyond the conventional, it’s evident that Kingston Tattoo Studios is a haven for those seeking exquisite tattoos and a positive and comforting experience.

In a city brimming with tattoo talent, Shane Priestley’s recognition as the favorite artist by Hull Live readers is a testament to his artistry and indelible impact on those who choose to adorn themselves with his creations.

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