South African International Tattoo Convention Cape Town 31 March to 2 April 2023

South African International Tattoo Convention (SAITC), returns to Cape Town in 2023, for its fourth annual event. This year, the international tattooing trade will return to Cape Town for the second and third time. With its high standards of excellence and wide range of attendees, the South African International Tattoo Convention has been a leading authority in South African tattooing.

The SAITC is a highly respected event for both local and international tattoo artists. It is the only African-only tattoo convention. The SAITC will inspire South African artists to grow, develop and improve their art. This is achieved through sharing knowledge and best practice in tattooing with people of all backgrounds. This convention features a diverse range of artistic talent in many styles.

What to Expect at #SAITC2023

The SAITC will feature over 140 top-quality tattoo artists, each selected for their expertise in their field and their work style. There will also be a collection from more than 22 different countries. SAITC will provide a professional environment and work with the best in sterilization and medical waste management. They promise to offer a high-standard of tattoo practice.

Austin Maples (San Francisco USA), Waldo Del Rocca (Cape Town South Africa), Daniele Sciafati, Rome Italy), Squid Ya, Taiwan, Bob Geerts, as well as many other world-renowned tattoo artist will be at the convention. The complete line-up can be found HERE at the Artist Page.


SAIC is a wonderful place to be whether you’re an artist or just curious observer. It is a unique experience that complements tattoo culture and celebrates friendships from all corners of this world through artists and other communities.

Come and get tattooed by the world’s best tattoo artists right on your doorstep, and become part of an inspiring, heartwarming community.

All are welcome

In 2023, the convention will last three days. The public will not only be able to see the best tattooing, but also live bands that will keep them entertained for three days.

All are welcome, even kids.

“We are most excited to see our community all under one roof, celebrating our love for tattooing and all that surrounds it. The public can look forward to seeing world-class tattooing, local bands, street food and much more… with good vibes only!” – Romy van Tonder, SAITC Organiser.

How to get tattooed at #SAITC2023

Conventions have a ‘WALK UP’ culture – you just walk up to an artist on the spot. Many tattoo artists are able to tattoo you. You can reach out to your preferred artist via our Artist Page if you are sure that you would like to have them tattoo you. You should book at least one month before the event.

If you don’t get a response (as the tattooers are often traveling), we encourage you to buy a weekend pass, show up early when the doors open, and chat with the artist, as they usually will make time for you at some point throughout the weekend. There will be many tattoo artists to choose.



The Lookout This is where you should be heading. SAITC Visitors to the venue have increased in number. It is bright and welcoming and attracts many tattoo enthusiasts. There are several areas where you can host activations or exhibitions, live music, food and fashion vendors. Light pours into this beautiful space where show-goers can view and admire tattoo artists’ work.

The venue allows for seamless integration of bars, seating areas and other amenities into the event. This facilitates better flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A deck bar allows guests to relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean.

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