Hit-and-run collision leaves tattoo artist seriously injured.

Cristian Quezada has many tattoos telling stories. Many of these tattoos now have scarring, which tells a new story.

Quezada, a tattoo artist, said that the tattoo she had was her favorite. “But, it won’t probably be there once everything is over.”

Quezada was struck by a driver driving a dark SUV just a week before, as she crossed the street between W. 23rd Place & Wadsworth Boulevard.

The driver of the vehicle fled the scene. Quezada claimed that he was going to another shop to meet up a friend.

“I don’t remember anything. “I only remember being there and having my friends and family around. Then they started telling me about the events.” I couldn’t believe it,” Quezada said. “How could you leave someone there on a street?”

Lakewood Police spokesperson stated that they were unable to locate the vehicle involved in the hit-and run.

Quezada was listed as a jaywalker, even though there aren’t any leads. Numerous injuries were also suffered, including broken legs and multiple lacerations. Quezada said that he was fortunate to be alive.

He stated that his leg looked like it had undergone a clean-up. It was more severe than a normal clean-up, but still looked clean enough. “But this one looks like a bomb went off inside… there were only a few bones everywhere.”

According to data from the Colorado Department of Transportation, in 2022,  at least 109 people were killed in traffic crashes in Colorado, and dozens more were hit and survived.

Quezada stated, “I did not realize it was this common.” It’s not something you think about until it happens to you or a friend. I was shocked when I saw how many times it had happened last season.

Doctors predict Quezada will heal in several months.

Quezada, despite all the injuries to his body is trying to keep his head up and hope that any person who has been hit by him will come forward.

He said that everyone makes mistakes. If you make mistakes, admit it.

Quezada’s friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help him pay for hospital costs.

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