Tattoo Artist’s Unbelievable Encounter Sparks TikTok Frenzy


In the unpredictable world of customer requests, a tattoo artist shares a bizarre encounter that leads to a firm decision never to accept walk-ins again. The incident, narrated by tattoo artist @scm_ink on TikTok, unveils the challenges faced by artists dealing with impromptu and unconventional demands.

@scm_ink, with a substantial following of 3.7 million on TikTok, began his tale by explaining his specialization in intricate pieces such as backs, quarter sleeves, and chest tattoos. Operating on an appointment-only basis, he emphasizes his commitment by having a magnetic lock on his shop door, ensuring exclusive access to clients with scheduled sessions lasting 8-10 hours.

The unexpected turn occurred when @scm_ink, having wrapped up work early, spotted a seemingly “presentable” individual attempting to enter his shop. Despite his usual policy against walk-ins, he made an exception and allowed the man inside. Little did he know that this decision would lead to a bizarre and challenging request.

The customer’s ask was nothing short of eccentric – a request for the left side of his face to be inked blue and the right side red. As a “black and grey artist,” @scm_ink declined the request. Undeterred, the customer proposed an alternative – having his entire face inked black. Again, the artist refused, and the man left the shop.

@scm_ink encounters the same man two days later at his girlfriend’s house. To his surprise, his girlfriend recognizes the man, adding an intriguing layer to the tale. Viewers of the TikTok video, which garnered 2.2 million views, expressed curiosity about the man’s connection to the artist’s girlfriend and speculated on the incomplete details.

Comments flooded in, with viewers eager to unravel the mystery:


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“I need to know who he is and how she knows him to complete this story,” one viewer demanded.

“So, was he at the dinner table too?? Like what in the incomplete story? “Amidst the inquiries, lighthearted remarks added humour to the situation:

“Booo!!! I want a 2-hour session,” one user quipped.

“My dude said, ‘Give me the ‘Braveheart’ tat!'” another commented.

“He knew who you were the whole time!” a third playfully teased.

This intriguing tale highlights tattoo artists’ challenges with unexpected requests and underscores the entertainment and engagement factor that social media platforms like TikTok bring to such narratives.

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