Tattoos Create Art, Not Negativity

People like to use the term “ruin” or “sin” when the topic of tattoos comes up. They can think of tattoos as unprofessional or “going against religion.” In reality, it’s a permanent ink that goes on your body and stays with you. Unfortunately, professional settings ask people to cover up their tattoos, and sometimes, they can’t control that rule. However, as the years go by, more and more jobs have been accepting tattoos, and it’s become normalized to have them, which is a good sign. Moreover, one common concept in all aspects of getting a tattoo is that it’s a form of art. Different reasonings can impact someone’s decisions, but it’s art in the idea of expression. 

Each person who is getting a tattoo makes their own decision. Some get it because it’s fun, and they enjoy it without the tattoo having much meaning. The user of this TikTok example put his tattoo there as he used to draw it using eyeliner when younger. He put it there for fun. Some people get tattoos that represent their love of a specific media type, such as movies, tv shows or fandoms. Many of my friends got them from the tv shows that they love. 

Others get tattoos that represent their life experiences. As an example, I’ll use my experience. A year ago, a quote changed my perspective on my life: “You Define You.” For five months, I wrote in my journal why I wanted a tattoo of that quote and why that quote meant so much to me. A side note: I wanted this to be something I wanted. I also wanted to know that it would be permanent. But I know others who get it without having a five-month-long consideration, and I think it’s cool. I was very happy with my decision to get my tattoo in April 2022. Every time I look at my tattoo, I’m reminded of how I should continue with life from that quote. Some individuals get tattoos for much deeper meanings. This TikTok illustrates the different types and how they represent the life of someone who has been through a difficult time and how they have come out the other side. Tattoos can be described as body art. They are used to show off the best version of themselves. What makes you the best version of yourself? They Think for yourself and not for others. While tattoos were once viewed negatively, this only leads to assumptions about other people based on their tattoos. I’m glad they are now considered art and not a negative condition.

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