The 5 Most Questionable Tattoos in UFC History

UFC fighters come from many backgrounds. Some of them are more like former lightweight champion Khabib Numagomedov or two-time challenger for the welterweight title, Stephen ‘Wonderboy.’ Thompson. They are both known for being more religious that their contemporaries and neither has tattoos.

However, other fighters express themselves in different ways. Tai Tuivasa, Justin Tafa, and Tai Tuivasa both have tribal tattoos to pay homage to their Samoan roots. This is not true for all UFC fighters with tattoos. Some people have tattoos because they simply love the look of their body art.

There is an entire class of mixed martial artists with bizarre or hilarious tattoos. These fighters can be champions or legends. Others are just fighters to fill their division’s ranks.


Ian Loveland is a name that only MMA historians will likely know. The former UFC bantamweight was never an elite fighter, nor is he a notable one. His current professional record includes 18 wins and ten losses. While it isn’t the worst, it is certainly not the worst.

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His most prominent fights were against Joseph Benavidez, a four-time UFC flyweight champion, and Kyoji Horiguchi (ex-Bellot and Rizin bantamweight champ). Unfortunately, he only won one fight under Dana White’s promotion banner.

Most people will not remember him for his performances. However, some may remember him for the unusual tattoo he had on his back: a large and massive trout. It seems quite random at first. It’s contradictory if you think about it. Although he has a tattoo of a fish, he is also nicknamed after a bird.

#4. Wanderlei Silva, former UFC light heavyweight

Wanderlei Silva, an MMA legend, is one of the long-line Brazilian champions in mixed martial arts. The former PRIDE middleweight champion was well-known for his brutal knockout power. This was the reason he won and got knockouts in the now-defunct Japanese promotion.

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He also holds PRIDE’s longest unbeaten streak. However, he is best known for his fierce rivalry against Chael Sonnen, and his quadrilogy of Quinton ’Rampage’ Jackson in which both fighters scored two KO wins. As he got older, ‘The Axe Murderer’ started his team.

In 2007, Silva founded the Wand Fight Team. Silva tattooed the team’s logo on his right side to promote the organization. It adds an extra dimension of an oddity, as the logo symbolizes Silva’s visage.

#3. Conor McGregor, UFC lightweight

Conor McGregor is the most famous fighter in MMA history. He is the former UFC champion and was responsible for several historical events. He flattened José Aldo in 13 seconds to capture the featherweight title back in 2015. He was also the leader of one of the most heated feuds at the promotion.

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Conor McGregor has his name tattooed on his chest, in case he loses it.

UFC 229 was the moment that ‘The Notorious’ and Khabib Nurmagomedov fought in the most successful PPV Dana White has ever seen. The Irishman is not only known for his accomplishments in the Octagon, but also for his extensive body artwork. His most notable tattoo is his chest gorilla piece.

However, below that tattoo is the most controversial tattoo of the Irishman. He tattooed his surname across the middle of his body. It’s an odd move, and it’s something that everyone should do. This is a reflection of the size of the Irishman’s self-esteem.


Over its history, the promotion has seen many strange characters. Colin Fletcher is one of the most bizarre. Although he is an ex-competitor on The Ultimate Fighters, few people remember ‘The Freakshow.’ His exploits on that show are well-known. He is more well-known for his appearance.

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Talking of crazy tattoos, who can forget Colin Fletcher?

The entire Englishman’s aesthetic was inspired by vampires. His mouthpiece was made to look like a vampire’s fangs. His tattoos, however, seem to show a deep love for mythical creatures and monsters. One example is his chest piece which depicts a monstrous spider.

It is not a spider as we know it. Instead, it has a heart-shaped body with large clawed hands and covers its chest.


Jamahal Hill is currently the reigning champion at 205 lbs. In a thrilling fight against Glover Teixeira, he recently won the divisional crown. His combination of strength and athleticism has helped him reach the pinnacle of light heavyweight success.

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In congratulations on his shot at the *Vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against Glover Teixeira, I’d like to dedicate this tweet to Jamahal Hill’s horrible chest tattoo.

One didn’t know something so bad could be etched on the human form.

While he is yet to defend his title, a matchup against former divisional kingpin Jiří Procházka is being targeted by the promotion. ‘Sweet Dreams,’ despite his elite status as a competitor, also has one the most comical tattoos under Dana White.

A thumbs-up tattoo is located on his chest’s outer edges. It’s unclear what the tattoo conveys, but it’s unintentionally humorous and random.

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