The Ephemeral Tattoo Studio Provide Tattoos That Fade Away After 1-3 Years

The Ephemeral Tattoo Studio offers tattoos that fade entirely after 1-3 years. The video shows that the tattoos are applied using a gun, like permanent tattoos. Semi-permanent tattoo inks are used instead of permanent ink. I was skeptical the first time I saw an ad for this tattoo. It sounded like it couldn’t be true. After watching the videos and learning about this new technology, I am more open to having one done. The tattoo on the video is beautiful. I’d like to see it as it fades. Would you ever get a semi-permanent tattoo?


“Ephemeral” Tattoo, a Brooklyn studio, has developed tattoo inks that disappear within nine to 15 month. Insider producer Manuel Silva Paulus visited the studio for his very first tattoo. The founders Josh Sakhai Vandan Shah and Brennal have spent over seven years creating the biodegradable, made-to fade ink. They have tried more than 50 formulations. Artists who are trained in Ephemeral Ink apply the tattoos. The price ranges from $175 to $450, depending on the size of the tattoo and its complexity. Manny was given a media discount to try this treatment. Ephemeral will be opening a new location in Los Angeles soon.

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