The Hidden Stories Behind Matching Friendship Tattoos That Didn’t Go as Planned

There’s no bond like that of a best friend, whether you’ve known them since they were babies or only a few short years. You can count on your best friend for a good laugh, advice, or a shoulder to cry. You have been there through thick and thin. You may want to commemorate your friendship by getting matching tattoos. You may wish to celebrate a special quote or inside joke you share.

Is it bad luck to have matching tattoos, no matter the design? Obviously, inking the same design as your partner would be a bad idea. (Seriously, don’t try it), but how about your best friend’s tattoo? There’s a different dynamic here, so why get matching tattoos with someone you could lose your heart to at any moment?

Tattoo artists believe it is a bad sign.

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Tattoo Twist reports that many tattoo artists believe getting matching tattoos is terrible luck for a relationship. This is like placing a bad omen upon your friendship, even if you’re like sisters. You may start to argue more or have a painful fight that can ruin your relationship. It’s unlikely but possible. It’s better to get a pair of friendship necklaces.

You must remember friendships can end like romantic relationships — no one is immune to breakups. This is a hard pill to swallow, but you should keep this in mind before your BFF, and you decide to get matching body art. It’s natural to want to believe that you will always be best friends, but you should also consider the possibility that things may not turn out this way.

Considerations to make before purchasing

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Consider a few things if you want matching tattoos with your best friend but don’t believe in superstitions. First and foremost, consider this — is your friendship any less special without these tattoos? This is a decision you and your friend made together. As a permanent and significant decision, it is essential to carefully consider your options before sitting down in the tattoo artist’s chair.

You should avoid getting their name anywhere on your body. You should prevent inside jokes or direct quotes as well as personal information. Imagine getting a tattoo of a heart or a flower. It’s a basic design and doesn’t show off your friendship. This way, you can still get a tattoo even if the relationship does not work out.

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