Unveiling the Latest Tattoo Trends for 2024: Hot or Not?


As a tattoo artist, forecasting the ebb and flow of inked aesthetics is both a privilege and a challenge. Here are my predictions for the tattoo trends that will dominate 2024 and the designs that might lose their charm.

Handwritten tattoos are a reminder that meaningful connections never go out of style

Handwritten "follow your dreams" tattoo on person's wrist
Handwritten tattoos are all about encapsulating personal history within the skin. MarkgrafAve/Getty Images

In 2023, the demand for handwritten tattoos surged, revealing a profound desire for emotional connections. Clients are increasingly immortalizing handwritten notes or signatures of loved ones, embracing the sentimental and timeless allure of preserving personal messages in ink.

Expect to see a rise in understated sophistication with minimalist tattoos

The timeless elegance and versatility of minimalist tattoos continue to captivate clients. The simplicity of line drawings and geometric shapes makes them an ideal choice, especially for first-timers. Expect a rise in understated sophistication as minimalist designs maintain their popularity.

Birth-flower tattoos allow people to celebrate the month they were born

Flower tattoos with daisies and roses on a person's arm
Birth-flower tattoos carry lots of meaning. Olivia Blue

2023 witnessed the blooming trend of personalized birth-flower tattoos. Tied to specific months, these floral designs allow individuals to celebrate friend’s and family’s birthdays. Rooted in individuality, this trend showcases a growing preference for tattoos with deep personal significance.

On the other hand, lightning sleeves will probably become less popular

The once-edgy lightning sleeve, stretching down entire arms, is expected to decline in popularity. Clients are leaning towards more intricate, personalized designs that tell unique stories. Diverse options are taking the spotlight, pushing lightning sleeves to the sidelines.

As clients become more discerning about the longevity of their designs, red tattoos will fade out of prominence

Finished red tattoo heart with "Mom" text on person's shoulder
Red tattoos don’t last as long as black or grey ink. Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

While vibrant colours have always been a tattoo staple, red designs may decline in popularity. Red ink tends to age less gracefully than black or grey. Its thicker pigment can pose challenges during the healing process, often leading to spreading and fading over time. Being more timeless, black and grey ink options might take centre stage.

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