Unveiling the Underboob Tattoo: Decoding its Feminine Significance and Common Misconceptions

A woman has shared her Harry Potter-inspired tattoo — and much like the ink used in the books, this one’s everlasting.

She explained that the experience was “kind of embarrassing.”

Natasha, a content creator, shared the backstory of her Harry Potter-inspired underboob tattoo
Natasha shared her story about the Harry Potter-inspired tattoo on her underboob. Credit: TikTok/notnatasha_

Natasha (@notnatasha_) talked about the inspiration and backstory of her underboob tattoo in a video shared with her over 19,000 TikTok followers.

“Bookie, can I look at your tattoo?” A viewer asked.

“I’m embarrassed to say that I get many people asking me about this tattoo,” she said.

She lifted her tank top to show off the bra.

“It’s supposed to be Harry Potter with Deathly Hallows and then the Golden Snitch at the center,” she said.

“And I thought it would be very feminine,” added she.

She joked, “It’s my first tattoo. I let the artist talk me into something different, and now it appears I have chickens sprouting out of me.”

She said: “For those asking about my boobie-chandelier tatt… Don’t worry. It’s being covered up.”

Commenters shared their opinions on the unfortunate incident.

“I love it!” Commenter: “Don’t hide it; find someone who can redo it.”

Some people shared the same sentiments: “I find it cute, but I don’t consider it ugly or strange.”

Third: “Nah, girl, don’t worry about it. If I didn’t have the backstory, I would not think much of it except that it was dope.”

Four people praised the work. “Nope, I love it!”

She explained that it was supposed to be more feminine, but she let the tattoo artist talk her into something else
She told the tattoo artist that she wanted something more feminine. But he talked her into something different. Credit: TikTok/notnatasha_

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