What is Andrew Tate’s top G tattoo on his chest?

Andrew Tate’s tattoo tells a complex story. Each iteration is different. What exactly has ‘Top G” inked on Tate’s chest?

The tattoo looks like a mixture of an Oni-inspired design and a snake-like one at first glance. It may not be the best execution, but there’s more to it than meets your eye. Tate claims that the tattoo is a representation of a devil and a snake. This symbolizes his ongoing struggle against the devil. Tate claims he was sent by God to Earth and that this tattoo symbolizes his ongoing battle against evil.

Andrew didn’t have this tattoo as his first. He had a tattoo that showed a snake flowing up his arm and a butterfly before the devil and the snake. He was not happy with the outcome and felt it did not represent him. The butterfly didn’t fit him, even though he is a self-described Cobra Tate.

Andrew had an older tattoo on his chest that was covered up by this new tattoo. Andrew’s tattoo history is one of change and evolution, with each design representing an important stage in his life.

Image courtesy: MyTatouage.com

Even though his new tattoo isn’t perfect, it’s still a significant improvement on his earlier ones. Andrew Tate adds to the intricate story of his body art with every new design.

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host, suggests that Andrew Tate has been framed

Carlson spoke with Guardian, Tate’s lawyer, in a recent news segment. Glandian explained that Tate had been subject to a “preventative” arrest in Romania’s justice system, but that he had not been charged.

“[Prosecutors] They have 180 days to extend their detention without being formally charged with any crime. So it’s an ongoing criminal investigation, but they are detained,”

Carlson was skeptical about the arrest despite the lack of evidence. He stated that Andrew Tate is most likely the victim of a set-up. He speculated that Tate’s in popularity among those in power may have led to ulterior motives by the authorities.

“Pretty evidently a set up …. I mean, let’s stop lying. These guys were super unpopular with the people in charge, and now they’re in a Romanian jail under Romanian law. I mean, obviously, no?”

You can see the whole interview here Here

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