Which UFC fighter has a Superman tattoo on their chest besides Ryan Spann?

The UFC has seen many fighters with distinctive tattoos, hairstyles, and personalities over its 30-year history. The UFC is known for its love of art, not only in martial arts but also in body art.

Ryan Spann’s Superman tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos of recent times. A Superman tattoo is on the 31-year-old KO artist’s torso, specifically his chest.

Steven Peterson is a featherweight opponent who also sports a Superman tattoo. According to The Dallas Morning News, Peterson revealed that the tattoo was first applied when he turned 18 years old.

Steven Peterson said that he remembers getting a tattoo on his chest. He was often told by people that he moved around like he had an ‘S’ on it. Simple explanations of Peterson’s behavior suggest that he behaved as if he were Superman. This is due to his fearlessness, and tendency to get into fights.

California-born MMA fighter and Texas-based fighter for MMA, he stated that he was a child when he said:

“I used to get into fights and just keep my chin up high while talking smack.” He continued, “I was a hardheaded kid who didn’t care about where I ended up.” I had no direction. I didn’t set any goals. People have asked me what I want to do when I grow up. I didn’t know the answer.”

Steven Peterson turned his life around after several more legal issues. He began to focus his energy on martial art and was able to get out of trouble again. He made his UFC debut in 2018 and competed at Dana White’s Contender Series in 2017.


Steven Peterson, the Superman tattoo-sporting Steven Peterson, returns to UFC San Antonio

Ryan Spann lost his most recent fight to Nikita Krylov, in which he was submitted in the first round. This happened in a 215-pound match. In his next octagon appearance, the light heavyweight would like to get back to the win column. Steven Peterson, a Superman-tattooed MMA stalwart will also return to the octagon Saturday.


Steven Peterson lost the 146-pound featherweight title weight fight to Julian Erosa in February 2022. Peterson lost their 149-pound catchweight fight via split decision.

Ryan Spann’s kin, ‘Ocho’ would also be looking to get back on his winning ways. The UFC San Antonio event is set for March 25th, 2023.


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