Artist Jocelyn Cortes expands creativity from the canvas to skin


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Jocelyn Cortes, a tattoo artist, works in her studio at Skin It Tattoo Shop in Ogden.

Jocelyn Cortes, a tattoo artist at Skin It Tattoo, has a passion to express herself creatively. She is just a year into her tattoo career but has nurtured her creative side in other ways all her life.

Cortes is a poet and a flow artist with a background in mixed-media. She says she hopes her work makes people want to “express themselves more, no matter the medium. Anything that makes people feel empowered, I want to root for it.” She specializes in fine line and illustrative tattoos, which is vastly different from her loose-lined, abstract pen and watercolor artwork.

Cortes’ says her flow art, a movement-based rhythmic practice, translates through to her work as a tattoo artist by allowing her to “find a headspace where she is grounded and steady handed.”

Cortes has found a way to express her gratitude through tattooing. “My art is walking around the city and it feels like an honor. Those people gave me their canvas, their skin, and they wear it every day.”

Cortes will attend the 1st Ogden Tattoo Convention. She says she wants “to be a part of Ogden’s history and this is a historic moment.”

You can follow Jocelyn Cortes on Instagram @changing_expression.

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