Body Art & Soul Tattoos Releases “Why You Should Make a Career Change in 2022”

The Tattoo Industry continues to grow rapidly

“Gone are the days of the starving artist,” shares Paul-Anthony, “if that artist decides to become a tattoo artist.”

Body Art & Soul Tattoos It recently opened its fifth Tampa tattoo studio and an apprenticeship program for tattoo artists. This is a rare opportunity for tattoo artists who are interested in a career change. “We know what it’s like to be an artist, stuck in a job that crushes your soul because you’re only doing it to pay the bills,” shares Paul-Anthony Surdi. “We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and all of our artists always say the same thing when they enter the apprenticeship, ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’”

Understanding that people have limited time to get the information they need, Body Art & Soul Tattoo School created a video, “Why You Should Make A Career Change in 2022” to highlight all the reasons why right now, is the best time to become a professional tattoo artist.

Sighting the research conducted by IBIS World, the team at Body Art & Soul Tattoo School asserts that aspiring tattoo artists need to know these facts about the tattoo industry:

    • The Tattoo industry is worth $1.4bn
    • In 2022, the size of the tattoo industry is expected to grow by 5.4%.
    • The average annual growth of the US Tattoo industry is 8.4% since 2017.
    • The US Tattoo industry has grown faster that the overall economy.
    • The main positive factors that are impacting the Tattoo industry include a growing industry’s life cycle stage, and a medium-low risk score for growth.

At the moment, 47% of millennials are tattoo-lovers, and tattoo acceptance in the workplace is growing. “We’re finding that the old stigmas around tattoos are nearly gone,” shares Paul-Anthony. “Our artists are creating full sleeves for doctors, lawyers, accountants; even for grandma and grandpa, and most people get more than one tattoo, creating a great long-term opportunity for tattoo artists.”

The process of changing careers and becoming a tattoo artist at Body Art & Soul Tattoos goes like this:
These are the steps

    • Interview to be approved to join the Apprentice program
    • You can progress through the program to completion
    • Get a Job Offer Guaranteed

Artists are free to choose a career they love and a life they enjoy.

    • Create Art & Tattoos for a Living
    • Enjoy Flexible Hours
    • Make Yourself Their Boss
    • You can control your income
    • Living the life they deserve

It doesn’t have to be difficult to make a living with your art. “Gone are the days of the starving artist,” shares Paul-Anthony, “if that artist decides to become a tattoo artist.”

About Body Art & Soul Tattoos: Body Art & Soul Tattoos This tattoo studio offers tattoo apprenticeships that focus on professional development, real work experience and help aspiring artists make a living with their art. Their mission is to “Ink Different” by ensuring equal opportunity in the tattoo industry. Their community is one of the most open and diverse in the tattoo industry.

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