Chet Hanks Debuts Massive Cross Tattoo on Chest After Becoming a Christian

Chet Hanks, the controversial son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, debuted a large cross tattoo on his breast as his latest devotion to God.

The actor, who is 32, converted to Christianity after becoming an atheist in his late teens. He now uses his platform to spread the word of God.

Chet, on Wednesday, made a dramatic move by clearing out his Instagram account before uploading an image of himself shirtless, displaying his “holy” ink.

He also proclaimed his life’s purpose to serve God and opened up about his troubled past in a four-slide text post.

Chet wrote the following in white, bold letters: “I have always been a character since I was in public view.”

The latest: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's controversial son Chet Hanks debuted a massive cross tattoo on his chest as his latest act of devotion to God
The latest: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s controversial son Chet Hanks debuted a massive cross tattoo on his chest as his latest act of devotion to God

“I’ve worn a lot of masks. Actor. Rapper. Rapper. Lambo guy. They are not the real me.

Chet confessed to being a ‘long-time expert at playing fools because I learned this as a survival technique.

“But as I look at the world, I realize it requires no more caricatures. False portrayals of what we want to be.

He continued, ‘There is only one thing the world needs to have more of God.’

Chet believes that his hardships — including his past struggles with addiction, infamously erratic behaviour and domestic violence allegations — were due to the absence of God in his life.

‘All the pain in my life has resulted from one thing – the lie of believing that my purpose is anything but just serving God,’ the sober star wrote.

Chet ended his post by confessing that he is unsure how best to serve God but believes God will lead him in the correct direction.

It’s still unclear how I can serve Him best, but I believe this level is a good starting point. And I know He will continue to reveal even more, he wrote.

His 530,000 followers were also encouraged to accept God in their hearts and embark on their spiritual journey.

The Christian born-again has deleted his posts.

Chet recalled a moment in 2021 when ‘God revealed Himself’ to him during an appearance on Logan Paul’s IMPULSIVE Podcast.

Chet was a 17-year-old rebellious teenager who broke the rules when his parents sent him to a 12-week wilderness camp.

Chet was ‘overcome by emotion’ when he saw the beauty of the landscape in a ‘higher perspective’.

“I felt like God touched my hand.” At that moment, God revealed Himself to him.

Starting fresh: On Wednesday, Chet made the dramatic move of clearing his Instagram entirely before uploading a shirtless photo showcasing his 'holy' ink
Starting fresh: On Wednesday, Chet dramatically cleared his Instagram entirely before uploading a shirtless photo showcasing his ‘holy’ ink.
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Purpose: He also proclaimed that his life's 'purpose' is to serve God and opened up about his troubled past in a four-slide text post
Purpose: He also proclaimed that his life’s ‘purpose’ is to serve God and opened up about his troubled past in a four-slide text post

All that anger and hatred, and resentment was flipped. Inversion of infinite gratitude, love, and hope. It just turned on a dime.

“I was overcome with emotion. I sat on the edge of this cliff, and I cried.” I wept for an hour, uncontrollably weeping for like an hour. It didn’t stop. But tears of joy.

“Tears from everything, experiencing every emotion all at once. All the pain and joy.”

His experience moved Chet, but he still went down a path of drug addiction, alcoholism, and violence, leading him to legal troubles.

His girlfriend also accused him of sexual abuse and cultural appropriation in 2021.

Chet said to Paul that he decided to become sober between the ages of 16 and 24.

The star admitted that he had previously sold coke and smoked crack before entering rehab in 2014.

‘A few months ago, I sold coke [and] I smoked crack and coke until my nose was so blocked that I could not snort the stuff anymore. He revealed that he had smoked crack on Instagram.

In September 2022, he said he had been sober only for one year.

Chet is the son of the Hollywood power couple Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson.

The pair — married since 1988 — also share 27-year-old Truman.

Tom also has a daughter Elizabeth Ann, 41, and a son Colin, 45, with ex-wife Samantha Lewes.

Chet is synonymous with controversy, as his unruly behaviour has made him a headline-maker.

In April, a father of one faced criticism for refusing an apology for culturally appropriating accents.

He was asked on the Showtime talkshow ZIWE if he had any marginalized groups to whom he would like to apologize. Hanks responded: “Nah.”

Converted: The actor, 32, was a self-processed atheist before converting to Christianity in his late teens and is now devoting his platform to spreading the word of God
Converted: The actor, 32, was a self-professed atheist before converting to Christianity in his late teens and is now devoting his platform to spreading the word of God
Nepo baby: Chet is the eldest son of Hollywood power couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson; seen together in 2011
Nepo baby: Chet is the eldest son of Hollywood power couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson; seen together in 2011

Chet was regularly accused of ‘cultural appropriateness’ because he tried to imitate a ‘Jamaican accent’.

In 2020, after Joe Biden was elected president, he again came under fire for his bizarre video rant in which he imitated what sounded like Jamaican Patois. This is an English-based Creole language that has West African influences.

Chet impersonated Jamaican accents at the Golden Globes 2020 after a viral video of him laughing and speaking Patois as he said he did not want a “manga” girl, which means “skinny.”

In an Instagram video from February, he defended himself by referring to cultural appropriation.

He asked: “Why are we so fixated on this idea about theft and stealing?”

Why do we react with anger and tension when racial boundaries are blurred instead of accepting them?

Chet’s ex-girlfriend Kiana accused him of domestic violence in 2021.

Parker filed a civil suit alleging Hanks physically and emotionally terrorized her from October 2020 to November 2021.

The lawsuit stated that Hanks shoved and grabbed his ex-girlfriend, threatened to carry out a murder-suicide and branded her a ‘ghetto black b**** who wouldn’t be believed.

Hanks’ attorney dismissed Parker’s accusations as a shakedown and claimed they were in response to a suit Hanks filed, claiming Parker had attacked him with a pan, leaving him blood gushing out of a wound on the forehead.

A clip of that confrontation also appeared to show Parker menacing Hanks with a knife while screaming ‘Sh*t.’ The screen faded to black, with Hanks filmed showing his forehead wound while Parker said that he ‘pushed her.’

Parker stated in her new documents that she and Chet fought in Orleans Oct 18. She claimed he grabbed and pushed her after she announced she was leaving their shared room at the Windsor Court Hotel.

Jamaican love: Chet has routinely been hit with claims of 'cultural appropriation' for frequently attempting to speak in a fake 'Jamaican' accent
Chet is often accused of cultural appropriation for his attempts to speak with a fake “Jamaican” accent.
No apologies: While appearing on Showtime talk show ZIWE , he was asked if there were any marginalized communities he wanted to apologize to. Hanks replied: 'Nah'
Hanks was asked on the Showtime talkshow ZIWE whether he had any marginalized groups to which he would like to apologize. Hanks responded: “Nah.”

In defense: He defended his actions when speaking about cultural appropriation in an Instagram video. He asked: 'Why are we so caught up on this idea of theft and stealing?'
In defence: In a video on Instagram, he defended himself for his comments about cultural appropriation. He asked, ‘Why do we get so hung up on theft and taking?’

Parker told the court that Hanks said she was ‘just a ghetto black b****’ who wouldn’t be believed and that he’d threatened the murder-suicide the following month. She told her nine twins were also at home when the incident occurred.

Chet and Parker had a violent confrontation on January 8 as Parker was moving out her belongings from his home.

Parker said in legal documents that Hanks attacked her with a blade in the event, and she hit him with pot in defence. She was given a temporary restraint order for the incident.

His attorney called the allegations ‘completely untrue, fabricated and fiction’.

Most notably, Chet was slammed by his father Tom’s fans in February of 2022 after he claimed he didn’t have a ‘strong male role model’ growing up, as they insisted he is an ‘entitled brat’ who threw his dad ‘under the bus.’

Chet claimed that he had no robust role model male’ in his teens when he was dealing with the pressures he felt from having celebrity parents.

Chet, who assured the public he adored his parents and would not want to have any other parents, admitted having a famous father is “a double-edged knife.”

He opened up about his upbringing in a YouTube video titled ‘The Truth About Growing Up As A Hanks’ saying many people had ‘contempt’ for him as a movie star’s child, and while trying to navigate the ‘s***-talking’ and the ‘d***-riders,’ he lacked a strong male role model’ who could have told him: ”Hey, bro, f*** these people. They are only jealous of you.”’

Chet stated in the video, “My experience was more complicated because I was not even famous, and fame is already toxic.” I wasn’t famous myself, but I was the son of someone who was. That created a lot of contempt.

Chet revealed that while his dad was ‘on a pedestal’, he was ‘assumed to be’ an ‘arrogant, entitled, spoiled brat’, even though it wasn’t true.

During his college and high school years, ‘people made up their minds about me before even getting to know me, and it was tough to break through their walls. So I encountered a whole lot of disdain. A lot of hate. And a ton of negativity. Because everybody was prepared to hate my guts.

As a result of this ‘anger,’ he developed a rugged exterior.

Relationship woes: Hanks was accused of domestic abuse by ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker in a $1 million suit she filed against him in 2021Parker filed legal docs against the rapper/actor in Texas, saying that Hanks got physical with her more than once during a timespan between October 2020 and January 2021
Hanks’ relationship woes: Kiana Parker, his ex-girlfriend, accused him of domestic abuse in a $1,000,000 lawsuit she filed in 2021.

No role model: Chet shocked fans in 2022, after he claimed he didn't have a 'strong male role model' growing up; Pictured with father Tom in 2012
No role model: Chet shocked fans in 2022 after he claimed he didn’t have a ‘robust male role model’ growing up; Pictured with his father Tom in 2012
Addiction: Chet has openly shared about his drug addiction, which he claimed to have battled since he was 16 years old, and shared at one point he was selling coke and smoking crack
Chet opened up about his drug abuse, which he said he has battled for 16 years. At one point, he admitted to selling coke, smoking crack, and even smoking heroin.

Sober now: In September, Chet revealed with an Instagram post that he has been one year sober and wrote that, 'This is just the beginning'
Chet posted on Instagram that he was one year sober in September and said, “This is only the beginning.”

He recalled that ‘people did kinda f*** with me growing up. It was never in my face. It was always behind my back, in the forms of gossip and s***-talking.’

At the time, he was also fielding ‘d***-riders’ who ‘didn’t give a f***ing s*** about me’ but were ‘just infatuated with the idea of hanging around f***ing Tom Hanks’ son.’

Chet defended himself in 2015 for using the N-word as he felt it united the hip-hop culture across races.

In an Instagram posting, he said: “I say the n-word amongst my friends who are black, and I don’t want anyone to tell me that it’s not okay.” [expletive] ‘I feel no disrespect for the struggle of the black people in the civil rights movement, but now it’s 2015.

He encouraged followers to “get with the times.”

Chet, however, later confessed that he realized his white privilege after an online debate on cultural appropriation.

Cultural appropriation describes when members of dominant cultures use elements from minority or disadvantaged cultures for profit.

He added: ‘It is my only escape from the constant activity in my mind.’ I am what I am.

Chet said on The Red Pill Podcast, with Van Lathan, that he ‘was on drugs’ when using the N-word frequently and trying to defend it in a deleted Instagram clip.

Hanks revealed that he was a heavy drug user. I wanted to feel like I was down. I thought that I was not enough.

He said: ‘Lowkey… I think subconsciously I was trolling.’ ‘I thought, like, crazy antics and just whiling the f—k out and doing some crazy s—t was going to spark my career.’

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