Chris Bumstead’s Stance on Bodybuilders and Tattoos Impact on Muscle Definition and Bodybuilding Careers


The one who loves building muscles and posing the body, it is no surprise that the person can also have a heart for having tattoos. Bodybuilding seems incomplete without tattoos, as many modern bodybuilders are often seen with them with purposeful meanings. However, no known personalities – from Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath & Jay Cutler- have ever had tattoos. However, the soon-to-be father and 5-time Mr. Olympia, Chris Bumstead, is one of them who is often seen with a tattoo on his hand despite suggesting followers not have tattoos on their bodies.



One of his fans once asked the legend about what can destroy a bodybuilder’s career. Answering the question, CBUM revealed that tattoo. However, he has a tattoo on his forearm. Still, he doesn’t recommend anyone have a full-body tattoo. It may sound awkward, but he must have his reasons.

5-Time Mr. Olympia calls tattoos the destroyer of bodybuilders’ career 

In one post, answering one of his fans’ questions, CBUM said, “Personally, no, because I strategically only put it on my forearm,”  He revealed that he had a tattoo for a specific reason: He avoids getting a tattoo on his upper arm.

Expressing why one should not have a tattoo on the body, Mr. Olympia said further, “If you get tattoos covering your whole upper arm, your whole chest, your stomach, your back, legs, main body part,” Continuing further, he added, “It’s going to take away from seeing the definition on your body then absolutely they can detriment your bodybuilding career.”

He shed light on the fact that muscle definition can be hidden if the body has tattoos. Stressing the side effects of tattoos, he also revealed that “ You’re not going to look symmetrical,”  According to CBUM, tattoos have the potential to hide the texture of the body. Body textures are considered significant for every bodybuilder who competes in competitions.

Mr Olympia gets a tattoo on his legs.

Even though he has been vocal against tattoos, Cbum got a tattoo on his left leg. However, he has a different story to tell. Bumstead has fought and won many uphill battles, from dropping out of college to entering the bodybuilding realm and achieving Olympia titles.

He has learned a lot from his challenging life and wants to recall all the hardships and adversities he went through by getting a tattoo on his left leg. He once updated his followers about this leg tattoo by posting some photos of himself showing his left leg on Instagram. Bumstead got two new tattoos inked on his legs.

CBum showed his two new tattoos to his Instagram family. He got one on the left leg just below the knee to symbolize one of his most challenging years in life. In addition, he got another tattoo on his right leg, a little above the feet.

Bodybuilding personalities with tattoos 

Lee Priest

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Lee Priest is the symbol of both compassion and excellence. Former IFBB professional bodybuilders often have tattoos covering half of their faces. However, in one of his interviews, he revealed that he wanted to eliminate them, while his mother and wife didn’t want him to remove the tattoos. According to Fitness Volt, “My mom and wife want me to keep it, but I’m bored of it,” Revealing further about his tattoo, he said, “To me, it’s almost like a woman wearing the same lipstick every day. After 13 years, you’d be bored of it and need a change.” Priest once said he was reluctant to get a tattoo on his face because of how people would perceive him.

Rich Piana

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Rich Piana was famous for his impressive physique, which had many Japanese tattoos on his back. He was hailed for his large dragon tattoo on his back. Along with this, he had a koi fish tattoo on his chest. His choices of tattoos flaunted his beast body at its best. His body showed a perfect blend of his aesthetics with Japanese culture. From neck to toe, his entire body was covered with tattoos. However, he still flaunts his tattoos with pride and confidence.

Illia golem

Illia Golem

Illia Golem is a powerlifter and bodybuilder with a meticulous body, showing every detail of his tattoos. The entirety of his body is covered with tattoos from arms to chests. Recently, he explained his tattoo to his followers. In an Instagram post, he said, “I understand that people from USA or not Slavic countries don’t understand the meaning of my tattoo symbols, but trust me, it’s nothing common with racism.” “I don’t want to talk about that because it’s not the best part of my life,” He added.

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