Cody Rhodes receives a WWE Tattoo ahead of Wrestlemania

Cody Rhodes shared a story about how a friend at WWE convinced him to not get tattoos in preparation for one of his most important matches.

Cody Rhodes was part Legacy from 2008 to 2010, his first stint in WWE. The group was led by Randy Orton. He was the main-event heel and included Cody Rhodes Jr., Ted Dibiase Jr., and other members who had briefs within the group.

Legacy was an organization that consisted of second- and third-generation wrestlers who continued the legacy of their families. Randy Orton was following in the footsteps of his WWE Hall of Fame father Bob Orton Jr. and grandfather Bob Orton Sr., Cody Rhodes was following the legendary WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. is the son of Ted Dibiase, who was well known as the WWE Hall of Famer the “Million Dollar Man.”

Legacy was able assist Orton in winning the WWE Championship. Rhodes, Dibiase and Rhodes were Tag Team Champions of Wrestling. They fell apart, as most groups do.

Wrestlemania 26 was held on October 26, 2010. Ted Dibiase was against Randy Orton in a triple threat match. The match lasted nine minutes and Orton won the fight by scoring a RKO against Dibiase.

During an interview on My Mom’s Basement podcast, Cody Rhodes revealed that he nearly got a Legacy tattoo on his hand going into the match, but he was talked out of it.

“I almost got a tattoo on my hand of the Legacy logo before the match. I want to say, and I hope I’m giving credit to the right guy, Kofi Kingston was the one who told me absolutely not to do that.”

“Like, yeah, Legacy was cool. Yes, I was excited about having this first real WrestleMania, but it’s not that place on the card that you need this tattoo. Okay. I also liked the L. I thought it was a pretty cool logo, but I didn’t get the tattoo, so Kofi was right.”

Cody Rhodes has an American Nightmare tattoo at his right side and will be going to Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns will face Cody, sporting his tattoo as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at Wrestlemania 38. Roman will retain that title in Elimination Chamber Saturday night.

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