Empowering Tomorrow: Rowan Co. High Schoolers Dive into Job Shadow Day


In the upcoming month, Rowan-Salisbury High School students are poised to immerse themselves in the professional realms of their interest. Kresen Whitmarsh, the school system’s Career and Technical Education Coordinator, actively seeks businesses and organizations ready to participate in this transformative experience, igniting the passion and curiosity of the next generation.

“Open your doors on Feb. 1 for National Groundhog Job Shadow Day,” urged Whitmarsh in a recent Facebook post. “Participate in this enriching job-shadowing experience, leaving a lasting impact on your business and the future workforce.”

National Groundhog Job Shadow Day traditionally occurs on Feb. 2. However, given that it aligns with an RSS workday, the school system will celebrate this national event on Thursday, Feb. 1. This day allows students nationwide to gain an up-close understanding of specific jobs, demonstrating how the skills learned in school translate into effective action within various professions. Students will shadow professionals in diverse fields, ranging from scientists and firefighters to mechanics and teachers.

Last year, the program successfully matched over 230 students with a career site of their choice.

Why Consider Being a Host Site for Job Shadow Day?

  1. Shape Future Leaders: Contribute to the growth and development of aspiring professionals by offering firsthand insights into your industry.
  2. Build Stronger Connections: Establish meaningful connections with motivated students and inject fresh perspectives and energy into your workplace.
  3. Enhance Corporate Culture: Showcase your company’s values, fostering a positive image among potential future talent.
  4. Invest in Tomorrow’s Talent: Identify potential future hires early and cultivate a pipeline of skilled individuals passionate about your industry.

“The more hands-on, the better,” emphasizes the registration page. “We aim to grow our partnerships and build a talent pipeline in our area. Hosting a student for a day of shadowing is a fantastic way to achieve this, preparing students for the world of work. CTE will share pictures from the day with local media, spreading the positive news of your partnership with our CTE students!”

The Salisbury Post participated in the 2023 event, shadowing students exploring professions at the Spencer Fire Department, Ranchside Veterinary Clinic, and Touch of Grey Tattoo & Piercing Studio.

At Touch of Grey, East Rowan High senior Carmella Raiti had the opportunity to use a real tattoo machine and practice on a material designed to simulate human skin. Familiar with the studio from previous piercings, Raiti expressed her excitement about the experience.

While the skin was artificial, the tattoo machine was authentic. “The machine is a little heavier than a regular pencil, so it was hard to get used to at first, but once I did, it was fun,” Raiti shared.

Teachers, police officers, tattoo artists, entrepreneurs, cosmetologists, engineers, salespersons, social media marketers, and skilled workers are all sought after for participation. To register, visit the Rowan-Salisbury Schools Career and Technical Education Facebook page or access Tinyurl.com/jobshadowday24.

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