From demon to angel: Blac Chyna’s tattoo transformation

Blac Chyna removed her face fillers, and implants, and continued her epic makeunder ‘healing adventure’ by having the Baphomet Tattoo she received in 2021 taken off her left hip.

The 34-year-old Washington, DC-born woman shared two videos on Sunday documenting her weekend road trip to Henderson and Clear Out Ink.

Blac, who has 21.8M social-media followers, said that he was releasing all the negative energy holding him back.

It has to be taken off. Do you see what I’m referring to? I am about to get no mark of the beast or anything similar. That was not the meaning of my tattoo when I got it. I don’t want anything demonic or negative on me anymore.

Helping Chyna pack up the car were her two children – 10-year-old son King Cairo Stevenson and six-year-old daughter Dream Renée Kardashian – with her ex-fiancées Tyga and Rob Kardashian.

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Satan, not today! Blac Chyna had her face filled with implants and removed the Baphomet tattoo that she received in 2021. Blac Chyna then continued her epic healing journey by having her left hip lasered.

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“I don’t want anything negative or demonic on my body anymore,” the star wrote. She documented the entire process on Instagram.

Clear Out Ink pricing starts at $100 per treatment. However, it is possible to remove all ink completely with as few as three or as many as twelve laser sessions (spaced six-eight weeks apart).

The actress from Black Hamptons didn’t just take out the Baphomet but also removed smaller pieces ‘Jay (for YBN Almighty Jay), and ‘Stevenson (for Tyga).

The former stripper recently candidly revealed to how getting baptized and reconnecting with God inspired her dramatic physical and mental make-under, which has seen her dissolving her filler, quitting her ‘degrading’ OnlyFans career, and shedding her infamous stage name in favor of embracing her birth name.

The 34-year-old reality star, who is now going by Angela White, explained that – following her baptism in May last year – she realized that continuing to share very X-rated images and videos on the ‘degrading’ platform was not ‘what God will want me to do’.

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Packing the car
69139971 11905199 Blac who boasts 21 8M social media followers explained I am rele a 126 1679874069839
Blac – who boasts 21.8M social media followers – explained: ‘I am releasing all negative energy that is holding me back
69140009 11905199 Doting Helping the Black Hamptons actress pack up the car was he a 134 1679874223400
Doting: Helping the Black Hamptons actress pack up the car was her 10-year-old son King Cairo Stevenson with her ex-fiancée Tyga

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Doting: Helping the Black Hamptons actress pack up the car was her six-year-old daughter Dream Renée Kardashian (R) with ex-fiancée Rob Kardashian
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Clear Out Ink Pricing: Clear Out Ink prices start at $100 per treatment. It can take up to 12+ laser sessions, spaced six-eight weeks apart, to eliminate the ink.
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Blac did not regret the Baphomet removal. Blac also had Tyga’s smaller piece, ‘Stevenson’ (for Tyga), removed.

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She also had a smaller piece ‘Jay’ (for YBN Almighty Jay), removed
69041671 11905199 Found God Chyna now a born again Christian who was baptized on M a 144 1679874460730
Chyna, a Christian born again who was baptized on May 11, has experienced a huge life transformation from her days selling bleaching cream and working as a stripper on the pole called ‘Cream.

Having joined OnlyFans in 2020, the ex-fiancée of Rob Kardashian was eventually confirmed as the top celebrity earner in the following year, and she was believed to be raking in as much as $20 million per month – although she has since claimed that her earnings were closer to $1 million a year.

The ex-video vixen used to treat her fans to raunchy content. She also celebrated themed days such as Foot Freaks Tuesdays.

After initially charging subscribers $10 a month for her content, she began charging a $50-per-month subscription fee, while also offering a three-month package for $127.50 and a full year’s subscription for $450.

Having made many a headline for releasing such risqué content, the former stripper raised eyebrows in May 2022 when she shared a video of her getting baptized in her pool while wearing an all-white ensemble.

‘Born again on my Birthday 5/11/22 #newbeginnings,’ she captioned the clip of her Christian rebirth.

She shared how that moment affected her decision-making. Everything has been sort of trickling down for me and aligning perfectly.

“Now I’m just following my faith. I’m not going by the Blac Chyna and Angela ways. Let me follow God.

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Blac Chyna, now known as Angela White, says that her decision to end her lucrative OnlyFans account was motivated by getting baptized and reconnection with God.
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Ex-stripper said that it led her to reverse all cosmetic work.
69003365 11891933 Angela had become famous for flaunting her enhanced curves over m 201 1679654340760
Angela was famous for her sexy curves.

The beauty mogul – who has just launched her new luxury haircare line, Hearts Pure – says she knew that her decision to speak publicly about finding faith would raise doubts from skeptics.

But she dismissed all doubters of her intentions and stated: ‘If it doesn’t appeal to you, then it’s not for you. But, I can tell you that there is a God. No one can tell you what to believe or do about your faith.

“I hope my coming out will be enlightening and inspiring a lot of people.

Angela is moving forward as a Christian born-again Christian. She has taken the steps to get back to her natural body after her name became more voluptuous.

In the last weeks, the star’s journey has been closely followed by fans as she had a breast reduction and removed silicone fillers from the derriere.

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After revealing that she had decided to dissolve her fillers and remove implants, the mother-of-2 has been in the news a lot lately

68760785 11905199 She showed the doctor injecting the dissolver into her face with m 48 1679885154673
She demonstrated the doctor injecting the solution into her face using a thin needle. She also explained the different methods she uses to address each specific area.

68889935 11880285 I don t do OnlyFans anymore I don t do it anymore at all the mo a 2 1679296272117
Blac Chyna embarks on a transformational journey to transform her own life. She has removed her facial fillers after her breast and butt reductions.

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Chyna disclosed that she had silicone injections in her backside as a 19-year-old.
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Angela’s return to Angela was a rewarding process, according to the My Word singer.

‘Not only am I doing it for myself, but then I’m also encouraging other people that are even thinking about it,’ she gushed.

She said that her lips became so large that even though I smiled, it was impossible to see my teeth. “Now, you can see my teeth… I have teeth.

She stressed that she is not against cosmetic surgery or fillers, but said that it was important for anyone who is considering getting work done to do thorough research and to know exactly what is going into their body.

Chyna said that although she had never had a Brazilian breast lift, she had silicone injections in her backside at the age of 19. She said that she was “stepping into a new way.”

The star captioned the photo, “I want to make you all a part of my life-changing journey.” I reduced my breasts. All of us have the power to heal our lives, and we need to be aware of that.

68853739 11905199 Stylish The new look Chyna unveiled her makeunder at the Alexis m 49 1679885418689
Stylish: Chyna showed off her new look at the Blac Chyna Cover Reveal, on March 17, in Atlanta

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