Ian Garry Flaunts New Tattoo Inspired by Daniel Rodriguez’s Font After Impressive KO Victory at UFC Charlotte

Ian Garry has a new tattoo due to his KO victory against Daniel Rodriguez at UFC Charlotte.

Ian Garry

Garry had the most brutal fight of his career as he faced Rodriguez, the 15th-ranked welterweight, at UFC Charlotte. Garry’s fight with Rodriguez was big when it was first booked. But the Irishman won the battle quickly, landing a head kick to finish the fight with ground-and-pound in the first round.

After winning and moving into the top-15 in the welterweight division, Garry got a tattoo of the number 15, which landed Rodriguez’s head. The tattoo also uses the same font usedRodriguez’s chest tattoo.


“Number 15, in the world, tattooed on my, “e.g.,” Garry says in the video showcasing the new tattoo,” “This is the same fontDRod’sod’s chest tattoo to give a special connection to “im.”

Garry’sry’s tattoo choice was interesting, as he chose to have the number 15, but he ended up ranking 13th when the rankings were announced. He had stated that he did not care about the tattoo, as it was a sign that he made the top-15 in the UFC welterweight division.

Ian Garry, after his KO victory against Daniel Rodriguez, called out Neil Magny, believing that he would be the best opponent for him.

Garry stated after UFC Charlotte that he believed Neil Magny would be the ideal opponent to show me how good I was.

Garry has a record of 12-0 in UFC and is 5-0 overall.

What do YOU think of Garry’sry’s latest tattoo?

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