Jorge Masvidal: Gambred’s Nickname, New Tattoos, ‘Street Jesus’ Hairstyle, and UFC Salary

Jorge Masvidal is a big draw in the Ulitmate Fighting Championship, and he will be back in action soon. Masvidal is coming off three back-to-back defeats against Kamaru Usman, and Colby Covington. He was even KO’ed by Kamaru for the first time in his career at UFC 261. He will be able to return to winning ways against Gilbert Burns at UFC 287.

Burns has put in some impressive performances in the last two fights. He rag-dolled Neal Magny in UFC 283 and submitted the fighter in the first round. He was also the fighter who almost handed Khamzat Chimiev his first MMA defeat at UFC 273 in 2022. Durinho only lost out on the judges’ card. Masvidal will have to fight hard on April 8.

The UFC 287 common event will host the fight. It airs live at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. The fight can be purchased on ESPN+ TV and fans can purchase it for $79.99 (for existing subscribers) and $124.98 (for new subscribers).

Jorge Masvidal is to earn UFC 287 how much?

Jorge Masvidal is one of the most highly-paid fighters in the UFC. In 2022, he signed another UFC deal and was paid $871,000 for the main event at UFC 272. He earned his highest salary at UFC 251 when he faced Kamaru Usman to win the welterweight title. His loss earned him an estimated $1,313,33

Jorge has earned between $5-7 million in MMA fight purses. He will also earn a substantial amount for his fight against Gilbert Burns at UFC 287. Total SportalMasvidal will be paid $500K as a guaranteed salary, $100K in bonuses, $20K in sponsorship money, and $500K for PPV shares. He could make about $ 1.12 million if all goes according to plan.

What is Jorge Masvidal’s nickname?

Jorge Masvidal has a few nicknames such as “The Street Jesus.” However, the most popular nickname that he uses himself, is “Gamebred.” He is an accomplished street fighter with a long history. His nickname is a tribute to his struggles and his growing up in the fighting game.

Jorge Masvidal has how many tattoos?

Jorge Masivdal is proud to have three tattoos. The first one he got was his nickname, “Gamebred” on the side of his throat. He also has a tattoo called “AVA” on his right forearm with an imprint of red lipstick behind it. It’s a tribute to his little girl. His latest tattoo came on his left shoulder where he inked the iconic image of him KO’ing Ben Askren with a flying knee and the tattoo has an Octagon shape around it.

What is Jorge Masvidal’s recent hairstyle?

Jorge Masvidal has been through many hairstyles in his lifetime. Recently, however, he has reverted to a long and well-maintained mustache. Masvidal’s hairstyle is braided on fight nights. Outside of the Octagon, Masvidal leaves his hair untied.

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