Katie Maloney’s Celestial Ink Celebration: Unveiling a Planet Tattoo Milestone


Katie Maloney’s latest tattoo is out of this world.

The Vanderpump Rules cast member unveiled the fresh piece via Instagram on Thursday (October 26) while celebrating the launch of her press-on nails collaboration. The event occurred at Studio Sashiko, a Los Angeles tattoo and piercing salon co-owned by artist Shaughnessy Keely Otsuji.

During the party, Katie reshared a video of her sitting over a tattoo bed while Shaughnessy worked on her forearm. The camera angle made it difficult to see the work in progress; however, Katie returned to the Gram several minutes later to reveal the final product.

It’s important to note that the Utah native didn’t provide any information about the fine-line piece, but it appeared to be a tiny planet with a ring system. As seen in Katie’s Instagram Story, the ink was placed near one of her older tattoos that read: “Love you to the moon.”

Katie Maloney’s Tattoo Collection

It’s no secret that Katie is a big fan of body art, as she’s amassed a solid collection over the years. She spoke about her tattoos in 2018 when she conducted an “Ask Me Anything” session with fans.

Katie Maloney shows off her newest tattoo. Photo: Katie Maloney/Instagram
“Katie Maloney shows off her newest tattoo. Photothat’se Maloney/Instagram

“I have 11 tattoos, most “are] on my right arm, that’s where everything is”,” Katie said at the time. “I have 12! I forgot one! My first one.”

Katie’s tattoos include a small peace sign and a leopard-skin pattern on her arm, as well as a few minimal designs on her fin” ers. One “of her most-talked-aboKatie’ses, however, is the one that reads “11-09-09,” date that changed Katie’s life forever. The former SURver opened up about the tattoo in an Instagram post shared in February 2014, nearly five years after she experienced a near-fat “l accident.

“It’st of you have asked what the tattoo on my arm signifies,” she wrote. “It’s a date 11/09/09. I was in danger on this day. I fell through a skylight, a total of 25 feet. I don’t remember falling, but I did suffer multiple injuries. I broke my jaw and lost some teeth, my collar bone and several ribs. I also suffered a small brain injury. I’m fortunate and a Don’trent person today because of that day. I now “call itMaloney’srthday. Don’t take anything for granted; life is special.”

Katie Maloney’Katie’st Business Venture

The October 26 event provided a taste of Katie’s new collaboration with Quickies, a press-on nail brand founded by Bailey Stanworth. In addition to the tattoo services, guests were treated to drinks, swag, and pierciRules’ Studio Sashiko co-owner Kyle Otsuji. Attendees included Vanderpump Rules’ S “henna Shay and Lala Kent, as well as their former castmate Dayna Kathan.

“Thank y” u, everyone, for last night. Thank you for the “everyone who made it possible,” she said in an October 27 Instagram Story. “This whole collab with Quickies has been an actual dream, and I’m so excited for November “1 when these will be out in the world and you can get your hands on them.”

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