Lauren Winzer: The Creative Mind Behind Some of the Most Iconic Celebrity Tattoos

Lauren Winzer is an Australian tattoo artist who has worked with numerous famous clients.

She’s famously worked with friend Miley Cyrus Multiple times, and also tattooed Noah Cyrus’ sister. Joe Jonas Sophie Turner Winzer was inked on both Turner and Spongebob. Turner also had Freddie Mercury tattoos as a memento of her time at Turner. Game Of Thrones With a dire wolf.

But Winzer is disarmingly down to earth when you meet her, and she isn’t afraid to admit she “didn’t even know who [Post Malone] was” when she tattooed him: “I was out of the loop!”.

I had the opportunity to meet with the Sydney-based artist while she was sponsoring Bepanthen Tattoo in The Tattoo Expo Darling Harbour.

While I was there she gifted me my first tattoo — a few sprigs of lavender to decorate the length of my wrist — and subsequently, I pestered her about tattoo aftercare, her favorite celebrity tattoos She predicts that tattoo trends will have a major impact on 2023, according to her. This is what she had to say…

These are her aftercare rules

“Using Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare Ointment ($8.99 at Pharmacy Direct) is a must,” says Winzer. “Your artist will use this right after completing your tattoo, then wrap it up for protection.”

“If it’s not too uncomfortable, I recommend leaving your tattoo wrapped overnight so it doesn’t stick to your clothes or bedding and also just to protect the tattoo while it’s still an open wound,” she explains.

“Clean the tattoo once in the morning and once at night,” she continues. “I usually wash softly in a circular motion until it doesn’t feel slimy for the first wash, then after that, you can wash as usual (just be gentle) before using a soft towel to dry.”

Allow the tattoo to dry for between 5-10 minutes before applying Bepanthan. “Softly rub it over the tattoo and remove any excess as you don’t want a thick layer so your skin can breathe.”

Tattooing celebrities is a unique experience

“Miley was my first and she did so much for me for so many years — I love her as a friend and human being,” she gushes.

She even admits to fangirling over Toni Collette and has “been fortunate [enough] to do a few for her and her family — we’ve shared some beautiful experiences.”

“I’ve done some really fine hidden discreet tattoos [too],” Winzer admits, but she’s never had to deal with a celebrity being precious about coming into the shop.

“I’ve been so lucky that every celeb, including Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, has just asked for the address and walked into a full shop like a regular client,” she explains.

“I love this because it shows they’re genuine and don’t expect special treatment — I have a lot of respect for that.”

Post Malone is awarded the celebrity tattoo of the year. “We bonded over music and wrestling and I became a huge fan of him in many ways,” she explains. “Every time we have crossed paths [since] he’s been nothing but generous and caring.”

Her favourite tattoos she’s ever done aren’t actually celebrity tattoos though, in fact they’re distinctly personal.

“The DMX tattoo I did on my boyfriend is a personal favourite,” she admits. “And the frangipani tattoo on my mum — it was her first.”

“I’m also super proud of some of the fine art recreations I’ve done,” she says.

Her tattoo trends for 2023: Predictions

“I’m seeing lots of alien vibe tattoos, as well as tribal or chrome styles and just super weird new ideas and imagery,” says Winzer excitedly.

While trends come and go in such “quick waves that I don’t get the chance to get sick of them”, she admits that she’s not a fan of tattooing the side of the finger.

“[I’ll] always do them when requested,” she explains. “But I have to advise clients that due to the extra layer of skin, the healed result can vary from person to person.”

She has also had to convince some clients to rethink especially complicated designs even though she secretly gets “a kick out of bad tattoo ideas as they can be fun and silly”.

“When someone wants to add so many different elements into one tattoo to the point that it’s just going to be a mess, I generally try and compromise by either removing a few elements or making them into two or more separate tattoos just so they’re more timeless,” she explains.

Regardless of whether you’re getting a trendy tattoo or not, Winzer advises that you do your research. “You have the online world at your fingertips so use it to your advantage and don’t settle.”

“If you find a tattoo artist whose style you love but they might not create tattoo images similar to what you want, send them a request,” she recommends.

Winzer believes tattoo artists are most excited to work with clients. But “if you find someone’s art that you like but they don’t seem excited by your idea, be patient and find someone else.”

“The experience is attached to the tattoo, so you want someone as passionate and into it as you are,” she explains.

The weirdest places she’s done tattoos

Winzer hilariously admits she has “the worst memory” and doesn’t remember every single tattoo she’s ever done, but there are a few weird tattoo placements and locations she can’t help but recall.

In what can only be described as a strange scenario, Winzer was flown to Norway a few years ago to film a home security ad: “I tattooed in a giant glass box!”.

The weirdest body part she’s ever tattooed? “Honestly, probably someone’s genitalia,” she says matter of factly.

She’s tattooed someone in Sydney’s Westfield on Pitt Street and “a car park in Kings Cross [too],” she reveals.

But she says getting to tattoo Miley Cyrus in her backyard is at the top of her ‘greatest of all time’ list — “I always wanted to tattoo alfresco.”

Cyrus isn’t the only person who can tattoo. Doja Cat actually debuted her first tattoos at the Grammys earlier this year.

Credit: @laurenwinzer

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