Madilyn Bailey Explores Tattoos as Therapy in New Musical Direction

Madilyn Bailey It’s no secret that pop music is on the rise. Her blunt lyrics and catchy hooks may remind you of Charli.

Bailey began her music career as a YouTube sensation with a solid social media following and has come a long way to establish herself in the industry. Her latest, “Tattoos & Therapy”, proves she belongs at the forefront of raw, endlessly catchy pop.

She shares her thoughts on the song: “Many unhealthy vices exist in this world. With the overwhelming nature of life, it is easy to engage in self-destructive behaviours like drinking too much or texting an old flame late at night. I’ve found it helpful when self-destructive tendencies kick in to have a healthy alternative for all that angst, enter ‘Tattoos and Therapy’. Do you want to text an ex? I’ll instead call my therapist. Want to go out with friends? Get a tattoo.

Check out “Tattoos & Therapy” below, and stay tuned for more from Bailey soon.

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