Mark, Owner of Cut Throat Tattoo Studio, Clinches ‘Tattoo Artist of the Year’ at Beauty Awards


In a remarkable tale of career reinvention, Mark, the visionary owner of Cut Throat Tattoo Studio, has secured the prestigious title of ‘Tattoo Artist of the Year.’ This accolade comes as a crowning achievement for Mark, who, at 40, charted a new course in his professional journey, transitioning from conventional jobs to the dynamic world of tattoo artistry.

Mark’s journey into the realm of tattoos was an unexpected pivot that unfolded in 2010 when he faced redundancy from his conventional employment. Infused with a lifelong passion for art, Mark had previously dabbled in drawing people’s portraits in local pubs. During this time, encouragement from his former tattoo artist in Widnes propelled him to embark on an apprenticeship, immersing himself in the intricate craft of tattooing.

Leigh Journal: An example of Mark's tattooing

An example of Mark’s tattooing (Image: Mark Cain)After mastering the tricks of the trade in Widnes, Mark returned to his hometown, setting the stage for the establishment of ‘Cut Throat Tattoo Studio’ along Warrington Road in 2014. Over the ensuing decade, Mark has carved a niche for himself and fostered a reputation built on trust and artistic prowess. An impressive 70% of his clientele comprises returning customers, drawn to his skillful tattooing and reasonable pricing.

Mark’s journey reached new heights when he was nominated for ‘Tattooist of the Year’ at the English Beauty Industry Awards held in Manchester earlier this month. This marked a historic tattooing inclusion in the awards, showcasing exceptional talent, dedication, and innovation across the North West. Against formidable competition, Mark emerged victorious, claiming the coveted title.

Leigh Journal: Mark tattooing a customer at the former Britannia pub for the Alzheimer Society in 2019
Mark tattooing a customer at the former Britannia pub for the Alzheimer Society in 2019 (Image: Mark Cain)

Reflecting on his win, the 52-year-old artist expressed his surprise at being selected among ten nominees, acknowledging the tough competition in the category. Despite facing challenges, especially during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Mark’s resilience and commitment to his craft have seen his studio bustling with activity post-lockdown, surpassing previous busyness levels.

Mark’s pricing transparency and firm commitment to integrity have endeared him to clients who appreciate his honesty. The surge in repeat customers attests to the positive reception of his work, signaling a trajectory of continual growth for Cut Throat Tattoo Studio.

Leigh Journal: Many of Mark's customers return to him for his tattoos and reasonable prices
Many of Mark’s customers return to him for his tattoos and reasonable prices (Image: Mark Cain)

Beyond his flourishing business, Mark remains dedicated to giving back to the community. The charitable arm of Cut Throat Tattoo Studio has been instrumental in supporting causes such as the Manchester Bee Appeal, Wigan and Leigh Hospice, Dementia Awareness, and the Alzheimer’s Society. Mark’s charitable endeavors add a philanthropic dimension to his artistic pursuits.

Leigh Journal: Cut Throat Tattoo Studio, on Warrington Road
Cut Throat Tattoo Studio, on Warrington Road (Image: Google Maps)

Mark’s work has not only gained local acclaim but has also caught the attention of a wider audience through the UBKB (Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing) Netflix series. Undeterred by fame, Mark affirms his commitment to maintaining the high standards that earned him the title of Tattoo Artist of the Year, ensuring his artistic journey continues to captivate and inspire.

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