Mary in the Sky Transformative Film-Inspired Tattoos from a Psychology Prodigy


In the intricate tapestry of artistic evolution, Mary in the Sky emerges as a unique thread, weaving together psychology and the artistry of tattoos. While her journey began in psychology, destiny led her to a transformative gap year that opened the door to an unexpected passion. A fortuitous Instagram giveaway marked the genesis of her artistic odyssey — a two-day tattoo workshop and a tattoo machine proved to be the catalyst for a career that has thrived for three years and counting.

Three years ago, Mary’s life took a decisive turn against the global upheaval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic became a crucible of change, prompting deep introspection. Completing her master’s thesis marked a crossroads, compelling Mary in the Sky to embark on a hiatus and explore new horizons. It was during this sabbatical that tattoos emerged as the triumphant choice.

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Inspired by the ethereal ballad “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles, Maria Monteiro chose Mary in the Sky as her artistic alias. This name, which she first embraced in realms like film and book reviews, seamlessly transitioned into her tattoo artistry. For Mary, it was a resounding affirmation — “Mary in the Sky” was the unequivocal artistic identity she sought.


Tattooing film frames emerged as Mary’s distinctive forte, a medium transcending mere aesthetics. It becomes an emotional journey, fostering connections with like-minded individuals with similar tastes. As Mary in the Sky confides in The Portugal News, 90% of her work involves tattooing film frames intricately tailored to her client’s preferences.

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Creating a Haven of Acceptance

Mary in the Sky has established her studio to carve a niche in the tattooing landscape. Beyond being a creative workspace, she envisions it as a sanctuary — a safe and inclusive haven for everyone, with a particular emphasis on creating a welcoming space for queer individuals. Mary articulates her vision to The Portugal News: “I wanted to be able to offer a space where no one felt like they had to apologize for something.” In an era where embracing differences is paramount, Mary believes in the increasing importance of fostering safe spaces.

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How to Connect: Scheduling Your Inked Odyssey

To embark on your inked odyssey with Mary in the Sky, a simple yet effective process awaits on her Instagram profile, @maryintheskyy. Interested individuals can navigate to a form that beckons them to share their ideas and details. A quote, offered with no strings attached, becomes the bridge between creative vision and tangible artistry.

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The form incorporates diaries for Portugal and London, with Mary in the Sky occasionally appearing as a guest, ensuring her artistic touch transcends geographical boundaries.

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