Model Lottie Moss faces backlash for a controversial face tattoo

Lottie Moss is reportedly planning to get the tattoo on her face removed – f months after getting the inking done.

Kate Moss’s sister Lottie, 25 awoke from a night on the town in December to find the word “lover” permanently etched into her cheekbone.

She revealed her tattoo in a TikTok Video, where she demonstrated the process after waking to find the etching.

OnlyFans model Lottie plans to remove her tattoo, which is located just below her eye, despite vowing to “learn to like” the etching.

According to a source, “Lottie has plans to undergo laser tattoo removal.”

“She has fully embraced the Lover tattoo but now wants it removed and is covering it with makeup when she goes to events or photoshoots.

Lottie Moss is reportedly planning to have her face tattoo removed
Lottie Moss reportedly wants to have her tattoos removed. (Image: @Lottiemossx/TikTok).
The model got the shock inking after a drunk night out in December
The model got the shock inking after a drunk night out in December(Image: @lottiemossxo/Instagram)

Source: “For her, the tattoo is a reminder that she had a less-than-strong time in her past. Now, she wants to get rid of it forever, as it’s a reminder from a dark time.”

Lottie who has other tattoos revealed the inking through a TikTok clip in December. She shared a video of her getting the ink and her reaction to it the next morning.

The tattoo was the only thing she said at the end.

“But, it’s not that bad.” It’s here and it’s staying. We’re going to learn how to love this, the rest of the world will learn how to love this, and hopefully my mother too.

“Yeah. Do not drink alcohol, kids”, she warned.

However, Lottie later told Glamour The spontaneous tattoo of the woman in the magazine was an expression of freedom.

Lottie, who hit out at her sister Kate in December, said: “Since rehab, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery. I’ve spent a lot of time in Bali, surrounded by nature, reading alone or spending time with like-minded people – and learning to love myself again while finally being free from my former life.

“That’s why I decided to get my face tattoo; the word ‘lover’ under my eye.

Lottie said the tattoo was a freedom of expression
Lottie stated that the tattoo represented freedom of expression (Image: @lottiemossxo/TikTok)
At a recent event, Lottie covered the ink of her cheekbone up
At a recent event, Lottie covered the ink of her cheekbone up (Image: @lottiemossxo/Instagram)

“Yes, I was impulsive but after being controlled for so many years, this was my way to express that I was free. I’m no longer controlled.”

Lottie covered the ink during a recent Pretty Little Thing party with a foundation for a more ‘classy’ look.

She explained in a video on her Instagram: “When I want to go for a classier vibe, I cover up my face tattoo and dress like a Little House on the Prairie, like butter wouldn’t melt like she’s so innocent and she never got a face tattoo in Bali after two drinks…”

In a TikTok video, Lottie revealed to her fans that she was in rehab.

She wrote above the clip: “When people are glamorizing droog-taking but you literally in r3h4b”.

Lottie’s dad said that after Lottie had sought rehab help, she was doing “just great”.

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