Old tattoo colours prohibited as of 5 January

Since the regulation was introduced, black and grey are not allowed to be used.

According to a poll carried out by TNS-Ilres in 2016, about half of Luxembourgers under the age of 25 have at least one tattoo.

The new EU regulation REACH has banned the use of approximately 4,000 substances as a result of concerns that they could cause cancer or allergies. This means that tattoo colours of all hues are now prohibited, with red and yellow pigments soon to follow.

However, there will soon be new colors on the market. Marion Thill, a tattoo artist, stated that although the new colours were expensive, they are worth it. She also explained that all employees must have new sets. These new colors are also quickly gone.”

Thill expressed his support of the change in general but highlighted that there are still a few open questions like how long the new colours last. It is not surprising that tattoos with the older colour sets saw an increase in demand towards the end last year.

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