Ranking The Best & Worst Tattoos I’ve Given To Co-Workers

I Ink Everybody Else’s Bod I Don’t Give a Mother Fuck. I started somewhere. Even though I’m only two sessions in, I already have a diverse and fat collection of tattoos. Some people hate me because I don’t consider myself an artist. But they are mad because they don’t have the same eyeballs as I do.

*please no screen-shotting my artwork like it’s some cheap fucking NFT*

6. *.*. ****** : Cool S / Superman S

Screen Shot 2022 03 14 at 3.58.09 PM.01019d9c

This was my first attempt at tattooing, and it was also my worst. Instead of using the six lines you use on school folders, I tried to trace the cool S. This is why you shouldn’t give a rookie the ball without the game on it. .. * He was a man of integrity for taking the initiative and agreeing to take the first step. God Bless Him.

5. Feitelberg: Sour Gummy Candy 

Screen Shot 2022 03 14 at 3.58.39 PM.08777a1e

This tattoo has some of the best line work I have ever seen. It was a big mistake to choose red ink. This tattoo doesn’t look like a delicious, sour gummy. Instead, it looks like a gross skin eruption. This happened to me with the tattoo of Indiana I let Feits, Nick, and *.. * put on my arm. (It’s not eczema. It’s Indianapolis. 

IMG 7257.3741a775

4. Joey Camasta: Happy Faces and Sad Faces 

Screen Shot 2022 03 15 at 11.13.27 AM.65b35523

This is a more modern, simplified version of laugh-now-cry-later. Poetic. The problem is that the faces look almost identical to those with Bels Palsy. It’s good to know that Joey can spot strokes in his loved ones.

3. Kayce Smith: Viva

Screen Shot 2022 03 15 at 11.13.49 AM.1cb327e7

Kayce would be going to Warped Tour An inside the lip tattoo this summer would be a great idea for some sickest 15-year-old skater mom fuckers. It’s not easy to tattoo someone’s mouth. Kacey said it didn’t hurt and she was happy to get inside the lip.

2. Kelly Keegs: Eye IMG 8065.7183e5df

It’s hard to compete with Nick Clicky who is having professional eyes tattooed. This makes the eye I drew look a lot like Rigg’s old bad one. It’s not flashy, but the line work is great.

Screen Shot 2022 03 15 at 11.40.08 AM.190f86aa

1. Nick Turani: Portrait Of Grandma

Screen Shot 2022 03 14 at 3.59.21 PM.d14bd461

This is art. This abstract grandma portrait of me will light up the art world when I’m gone. They will frame it and cut off Nick’s leg when he dies. You can find this magnificent tat at the Barstool Sports Store.

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