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Father-Son Team Brings Tattoo Artistry to Shelby

Inside Shelby’s Greeneworks Tattoo, Lee Greene expertly inks a skull design on Matt Burke’s knee. Father and son duo Lee and Tevin Greene opened a new tattoo shop in Shelby, showcasing their artistic skills and drawing clients from across the country.

Burke flew in from Austin, Texas, specifically for Lee Greene’s work. “He’s incredibly talented,” Burke says. This isn’t his first Lee Greene tattoo – he found the artist in 2017 after a Google search for top North Carolina tattoo shops. He’s not alone; Tevin Greene confirms that long-distance clients are common. “We have someone who comes from London!” Clients also travel from Tennessee, Virginia, and California.

“It’s always exciting,” says Lee Greene. Greeneworks Tattoo, located at 112 Belmont Place, opened earlier this year, bringing a combined 26 years of experience to Shelby.

Lee Greene began tattooing 22 years ago, inspired by a friend with a Shelby shop. The Cleveland County native initially moved to Asheville but found his calling back home. “I was hooked,” he says. “I quit my job and dove right in.”

Tevin Greene followed in his father’s footsteps four years ago. “He was my inspiration,” Tevin says. “I practically grew up in his tattoo shops. We’d come home and draw together.” Lee recalls Tevin’s childhood enthusiasm, even instructing clients on tattoo aftercare. Even while exploring other jobs, Tevin says he always knew he’d be a tattoo artist. Ultimately, he pursued his creative passion.

Lee left his 12-year position at Charlotte’s Immortal Images to open the Shelby shop with his son. “I wanted to be closer to home,” Lee explains. “Tevin had gained experience, so we decided to go for it.”

Greeneworks Tattoo has seen steady business since its February opening. “We’re focused on creating unique, beautiful tattoos,” Lee says. “I want people to see the artistic depth of this craft.” Tevin agrees that the shift away from generic flash art to custom designs is the most inspiring aspect of the job.

The process for each piece begins with a detailed client consultation. The Greenes explore the client’s vision, drawing inspiration from reference images, personal stories, and even pop culture. Sketches evolve under Lee and Tevin’s skilled hands, ensuring the design reflects the client’s desire before being meticulously inked with precision needles.

Lee enjoys the freedom of the profession and the privilege of working alongside his son. “I get to pass on knowledge the way I wish someone had for me,” he says. They share a love of the art form and a dedication to providing Shelby with high-quality, meaningful tattoos.

Find Greeneworks Tattoo on Facebook and Instagram, or contact them at [email protected] or visit

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