Signs to Look Out for When You’re Getting a Tattoo

It doesn’t matter if you get your first tattoo or 20th, there are always chances that it won’t turn out as you planned.

Insider has recently spoken with 30-year-old tattooer Kelly Killagain Of 777 Tattoos This exact problem was discussed in Manahawkin (NJ) She has been in the business since 2012 and is known for her black-ink designs and line work.

There are many things you can do both before and after your appointment to make sure you don’t get a bad tattoo. Here are her recommendations.

Killagain says that bad tattoos can result from a “plethora” of factors.

Insider spoke to Killagain about a tattoo that could be dangerous if it isn’t technically done well, with poorly connected lines, messy shading, and so on.

You might not like your tattoo if it’s not what you imagined it to be when you arrived at your appointment.

Killagain stated that others might see it and think “Well, that’s a fine tattoo.” But if the tattoo you get isn’t up to your standards, it could be a bad one.

You’ve probably made a mistake if you don’t research your tattoo artist and studio.

“People will go into shops based upon a recommendation, which can be nice, but they might never look at a portfolio,” she explained, explaining that art samples are the best method to get to know a specific artist.

Killagain, for example, typically does line work, dot work, and stippling — all with black ink.

“In the past, people could walk into a tattoo studio and get any type or number of tattoos. You had to be up for anything as a tattooer,” she stated. “But now there’s a lot of quality artists that specialize in certain styles.”

Killagain suggests that there are a few things to be aware of when searching for artists.

She said, “I recommend zooming in on tattoos on Instagram, especially Instagram.” “Tattoos look great from different angles and from far away. So get out there and take a look. Are the lines straight and clear, or do they look shaky? Are there any shadings?

Killagain said that similar photos of healed tattoos will be posted on their Instagram pages or in story highlights. This is to show how their work has changed over time.

Killagain suggests that you take note of the artist’s availability.

“If someone is not available at all times and doesn’t have any clients, it may not be a good sign,” she stated. I think that many people don’t want to wait to find the artist they are looking for, so they choose a second or even third choice.

You don’t want a tattoo done in an unsanitary studio.

According to Killagain you need to feel comfortable in a tattoo shop. You also need to feel safe regarding cleanliness.

She explained that if you are the first tattoo of the day you may not be able witness the cleaning process. “But, an artist should clean the entire area and use disposable items.

She said, “Some people are amazed when I put bottles bags over my soap and alcohol. They tell me that other artists don’t do that.” But it’s cross-contamination. Every touch an artist makes must be covered.

A person gets a tattoo on their arm.

Tattoo equipment should not be exposed or discarded.
Eugenio Marongiu/Getty Images

Remember to take your time when making decisions about your tattoo.

She used forearm tattoos to illustrate her point. It will look the same at rest. It’ll look completely different when your arm is out.

She added, “Keeping these things in mind is going help you select a place you’re happy.” Trust your artist.

Killagain also noted that it is important to trust your instincts.

She said that people are often shy to speak up but it’s okay. “I don’t believe people should be considered a pain just because they want to adjust or move something. It’s your body and the stencil is the most flexible, movable part of the entire process.

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