Tattoo Fundraiser Honors the Incredible Legacy of Trainee Nurse Lauren Elliot


The indomitable spirit of trainee nurse Lauren Elliot, who sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2019, continues to inspire and make a difference. Friends and family have come together to ensure that her Legacy lives on through a registered charity named in her honor: Lauren’s Legacy. On October 7, a heartwarming fundraising event is set to take place in Sherwood, where the community will gather to raise funds and celebrate the memory of this incredible young woman.

Lauren Elliot, described as a caring and spirited partygoer, was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, at 17. Despite the challenges she faced, Lauren’s zest for life never waned. She continued to attend parties and music festivals, refusing to let her diagnosis define her. Her courage and resilience left an indelible mark on everyone who knew her.

Tragically, Lauren passed away at 22 while studying at De Montfort University in Leicester. Her untimely departure spurred the creation of Lauren’s Legacy, a charity dedicated to ensuring that young cancer patients receive the support they need during their journey.

(L-R) Tattooist Sam Cross and Derek Marsh
(L-R) Tattooist Sam Cross and Derek Marsh (Image: Nottingham Post)

The upcoming fundraiser, scheduled for October 7, will be hosted at Cross My Heart Collective on Haydn Road in Sherwood. Sam Cross, the owner, has generously offered to tattoo ‘flash tattoos’ throughout the day, with the event extending until midnight. Every penny raised during this event will be donated to Lauren’s Legacy.

Kirk Elliot, Lauren’s father, expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support from people like Sam Cross. He emphasized the importance of community involvement, stating, “It’s fantastic; without people like Sam helping the Legacy, we wouldn’t be able to lift patients. Lauren’s Legacy does everything non-clinical; we rely on people like Sam. I can’t thank Sam enough. Everything the charity gets, 100%, always goes back out.”

Lauren’s Legacy, driven by the unwavering dedication of its trustees, including Lauren’s parents, Kirk and Elaine, seeks to provide essential support to young cancer patients. Derek Marsh, a family friend of the Elliots and one of the trustees shed light on the charity’s inception. He shared, “Lauren had helped raise thousands with the motorbike club, League of Zeal. We’ve supported the Teenage Cancer Trust, too, but Lauren’s Legacy was set up because the Teenage Cancer Trust is so big and not personal enough. We’ve fundraised with motorbike rides, beer, and music festivals; each year, it grows and gets bigger. Because of Lauren’s Legacy, there’s now a holiday home for teenagers fighting cancer in the Peak District. Trustees aren’t paid for what they do, and everything the charity gets goes back to people.”

The Cross My Heart Collective, a tattoo studio that opened earlier this year, will be the venue for this heartfelt event. Owner Sam Cross shared details about the day, saying, “There’ll be lots of tattoos, of course, on the day, mainly themed around Lauren and bikes, and it’ll be back-to-back. I’ll be going from 8 pm to midnight, straight through. Local businesses, Nibbles, will be providing food on the day.” The event has also received support from Barber DTS, demonstrating the community’s united efforts to honor Lauren’s Legacy and support young cancer patients.

Lauren’s Legacy continues to inspire, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, a young spirit can make a lasting impact. The fundraiser in Sherwood is not just an event but a celebration of the indomitable human nature and the power of the community coming together for a noble cause.

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