Transformative Tattoo Removal at Legacy: Madi Rawson’s Pursuit of Change



In the heart of tattoo culture, Legacy Tattoo Removal emerges as a beacon of transformation. It owes its existence to the legacy of the late Ben Alway, a revered figure in the industry. Madi Rawson, co-owner and president, recently inaugurated Legacy Tattoo Removal, not merely as a business venture but as a tribute to Alway and a commitment to carry forward his pioneering work in laser tattoo removal.

The Genesis of Legacy: Legacy Tattoo Removal finds its roots in the tragic loss of Ben Alway, fondly referred to as the “Godfather” of tattoo removal by Madi Rawson. Alway mentored Rawson for seven years before his passing in March, leaving an indelible mark on her professional journey. The inception of Legacy Tattoo Removal is not just a business move; it is a tribute, a continuation of Alway’s pioneering work.

A Formidable Partnership: Rawson describes her connection with Alway as akin to “Bonnie and Clyde” in the laser tattoo removal realm. Their partnership was symbiotic, fostering mutual growth and learning. The tattoo industry lost a rebel with a laser, someone who constantly pushed boundaries for optimal results.

Evolution of Tattoo Removal: Tattoo removal, once a feared and painful process, has evolved significantly with advancing technology. Early methods were often marred by inefficiency and horror stories of scarring. The mainstream acceptance of tattoos has led to a surge in demand for removal services, creating a multimillion-dollar industry. An Infiniti Research report predicts substantial growth in the tattoo removal market from 2022 to 2027.

Technological Advancements: Technological advancements have played a pivotal role in reshaping the tattoo removal landscape. Rawson highlights the transformation from painful and scarring experiences two decades ago to today’s sophisticated procedures. The PicoWay laser system, used by Legacy Tattoo Removal, employs photoacoustic energy to disintegrate tattoos into minuscule particles, allowing the immune system to eliminate the ink gradually.

Changing Attitudes Towards Tattoos: As tattoos have shed their stigma and become mainstream, societal attitudes have shifted. A Pew Research Centre Study reveals that many adults, especially those under 30, have embraced tattoos. However, along with this acceptance comes many individuals experiencing tattoo regret.

The Role of Tattoo Removal: Rawson acknowledges the changing reasons people seek tattoo removal. It’s not merely about erasing ink; it reflects personal growth, life transitions, or the desire for a fresh start. Some clients opt for removal to create space for upgraded or trendier art, demonstrating the evolving nature of tattoo culture.

Laser removing a tattoo
Heidi Freschauf’s leg tattoo is being removed with a laser at Legacy Tattoo Removal, 6551 111 St. PHOTO BY DAVID BLOOM /Postmedia.

Social Impact of Tattoo Removal: Beyond aesthetics, tattoo removal holds profound meaning for some individuals. Legacy Tattoo Removal has always and now is engaged in pro-bono work to aid those seeking a fresh start after leaving domestic violence situations, departing from the prison system, outgrowing hateful symbols, or eliminating track marks and radiation dots.

Legacy Continues: Rawson is dedicated to continuing Alway’s legacy by introducing the New Legacy Program at Legacy Tattoo Removal. This program extends support to individuals undergoing significant life changes, ensuring that tattoo removal becomes a catalyst for positive transformation.

In conclusion, Legacy Tattoo Removal transcends its role as a business venture. It is a tribute to a mentor, a continuation of a legacy, and a service that goes beyond skin-deep transformations. Societal shifts towards greater tattoo acceptance, coupled with advancements in removal technologies, position Legacy Tattoo Removal at the intersection of tradition, innovation, and personal growth.

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