Sophie Lloyd: Who are you? Meet Machine Gun Kelly, Machine Gun Kelly’s Songwriting Partner and Guitar Player

Megan Fox sent the rumor mill alight over Super Bowl weekend when she shared a cryptic Instagram post, deleted any images of her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly and then deleted her entire Instagram account.

“You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath,” she captioned the stunning image of herself in a black dress, quoting lyrics from Beyoncé’s “Pray You Catch Me” track off her Lemonade album. Many believed it to indicate that her boyfriend had been a rapper.

Before Jennifer’s Body, As a commenter suggested, the actress could delete her account. “He probably got with Sophie,” the Instagram user commented, to which Fox fired back, “Maybe I got with Sophie.”

So who is Sophie Lloyd who many believe Machine Gun Kelly cheated Megan Fox?

Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly: What happened?

Megan Fox and her fiance Machine Gun Kelly at the billboard awards 2022

Megan Fox posted a video showing her lighting a letter and bag on a bonfire. She also uploaded a selection of mirror selfies, with Beyoncé lyrics in the caption. Her Instagram account was deleted. The famous couple was clearly distraught as they left a California counseling office for marriage. The couple seems to be trying together to work through the difficult times. Megan Fox recently activated her Instagram with one post. It says that “there hasn’t been any third party interference in the relation of any kind.” This includes, but not limited to, DMs AIbots succubus and demons. What does Sophie Lloyd do

Sophie Lloyd art

Sophie Lloyd is a British-based rock and metal guitarist who became well-known after she started playing guitar on YouTube.

“I started playing guitar when I was around 10 years old after listening to Led Zeppelin in the car with my dad,” the biography on her official website reads. “Because I was a bit of an outcast, I had a lot of time to practice and this gave me an escape from reality, helped me overcome my anxieties, and gave me a sense of fulfillment.”

How did Sophie Lloyd meet Machine Gun Kelly

Sophie Lloyd

Sophie revealed to NME How the actor and singer slipped in her DMs to approach her about joining his tour.

“MGK just sent me an Instagram message after viewing some of my videos. We Facetimed, and we got along well. Before I knew it, I had my visa and was flying from London to LA to attend rehearsals. She shared.

When was Sophie Lloyd’s first day working for Machine Gun Kelly?

Machine Gun Kelly Band

Machine Gun Kelly announced on Instagram in May 2022 that he was “adding a new friend” to the band ahead of his highly anticipated Mainstream Sellout Tour.

“Secret’s out! I’ll be joining Machine Gun Kelly on his Mainstream Sellout Tour this year!!” Lloyd added on her own social media post. “So incredibly excited and honored to be given this opportunity…So honored to play beside such amazing musicians such as @guitarslayer24.”

Sophie Lloyd is in a committed relationship?

Sophie Lloyd and Christopher Painter in 2019

Despite fans speculating that Sophie Lloyd has been in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, the stunning guitarist has been in a five-year relationship with Christopher Painter, aka “The Painter,” who is a drummer and sound engineer.

Painter supports his girlfriend’s professional career. He has even defended Machine Gun Kelly, thanking him for “bringing Sophie back in one piece” after the US leg of the rapper’s tour wrapped in September 2022.

“Don’t bother with any of the b******* you read about MGK online. From what I experienced, they are the most amazing group of people you could meet,” Painted captioned a photo alongside the rapper “The MGK camp has been so incredible to Sophie and has also made me feel so welcomed, and will always be grateful for that.”

Is Sophie Lloyd still living with her boyfriend?

Sophie Lloyd and Christopher Painter

Despite rumors, Sophie Lloyd seems very happy with Christopher Painter.

“Today is an extremely special date. It was the day that I asked for your help in crime. On January 20, 2005, he stated that he believed it to be true five years later. We are grateful for everything you do. We are so grateful for your kindnesses, compassion, generosity and love. For five years, you have been my rock and I am grateful for your support. Here’s to many more, partner. “

Lloyd shared a Valentine’s Day tribute via social media just days after their rumored split.

Sophie Lloyd’s MGK Tattoo

Sophie Lloyd tattooed Machine Gun Kelly’s double X symbol to mark her time with the star. Kelly also has this tattoo.

This was Sophie’s first solo trip with a band. Lloyd said that Lloyd believed the tour was crucial in clearing up any misconceptions about Lloyd’s role as a “bedroom musician”. She shared her struggle with imposter syndrome, performance anxiety and other issues.

“I don’t follow the usual path musicians take. Instead of performing in bars, I uploaded videos on YouTube. It made me feel insecure. It made it difficult to feel secure and kept me from moving forward. This album has helped me get through these difficult times.

Megan and MGK – Did Sophie Lloyd split up?

Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) in the role of Calvin and Megan Fox in that of Rebecca Lombardo in Midnight in the Switchgrass. He's whispering something in her ear as she leans against the wall.

Sophie Lloyd made a harsh statement through her representative, calling the rumors linking her with the breakup “disrespectful,” “untrue” and “meritless.”

Fans of the famous couple flooded Sophie’s Instagram with rude comments accusing her of “home wrecking£ and comparing her and Megan’s appearances. Sophie was quickly defended by her fans.

According to her rep, “Sophie Lloyd”, is an accomplished professional musician. Yahoo Entertainment. “Any suggestion that she has ever behaved in a nonprofessional way or parted ways with her partner is false. It’s disrespectful to her as a female artist and poor journalism & social commentary to be reporting anything else.”

Megan Fox also wrote to Sophie Lloyd via an Instagram comment. She wrote, “How I made joke to absolve the girl from a hurtful allegation somehow turned out to be confirmation of it. Sophie, you are absolutely brilliant. Hollywood is your first PR disaster. This is the first PR catastrophe of its kind.

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