You want a good job – but you also want a facial tattoo. What should you do?

Name: Facial tattoos

Age: As old as ink.

Appearance: As if you had a bunch of friends who wrote all over your face as you passed out.

They’re not my friends any more. It was a permanent marker. You can get a face tattoo that is even more permanent.

True, but you’ve only got yourself to blame. I don’t think they’re allowed to put one on you when you’re asleep. No. You’d have to really want to make a statement.

Is that a statement? One example is the Texan rapper Post Malone recently had the words “Always Tired” It is tattooed on his underside.

That must make people think he’s always tired. He’s also got “Stay Away” scrawled across his forehead.

Wow. You’d have trouble getting a job at Staples with all that on your face. He’s got a No 1 album out, so I don’t think he’s worried, but you raise a salient point.

Really? There’s always a first time, I guess. You can remind it again. A face tattoo could make it difficult for you to get work. Research has revealed that 65% people with face tattoos do not qualify for employment. 78% of HR decision-makers would be less likely to hire a candidate.

That’s a lot. It’s a lot more than for any other kind of tattoo. Only 50% would be less likely to hire someone with “tattoo(s) covering the entirety of one or both arms”, while 78% said a back tattoo would make no difference to their hiring decision.

Sorry, but isn’t this discrimination? What makes a facial tat less employable? It does demonstrate a certain lack of forward planning, in that you failed to anticipate that one day you’d be applying to work behind a perfume counter.

I suppose it’s lucky that facial tattoos aren’t more fashionable. Are you kidding? They’re all the rage, thanks to Meghan, the new Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan has a face tattoo However, Gabrielle Rainbow’s light freckles have become a very fashionable look. offering a tattooed alternative at $250 (£187) a pop.

But real freckles aren’t permanent. Neither are these – they last from one to three years.

That would have been about right for the “Karen 4 evah” on my chest. Yeah. Same as the QPR promo one.

Remember to: “Yes sir, I did know I was coming for an interview this morning. That’s why they’re not my friends any more.”

Don’t say: “You can see my relevant experience written all over my face – literally. Just ignore the contact number on my chin – that’s the old one.”

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