Zelina Vega Expresses Desire for LWO Tattoo

WWE brought back the LWO just before WrestleMania, and they’re still going strong through Backlash on May 6th. Zelina Vega, a member of the Latin American Superstars stable in pro wrestling, has a long history.

Zelina Vega already has many tattoos. She doesn’t have anywhere near the collection that her husband, Malakai Black, has, but Vega does rock some choice pieces of ink. She seems to want to add to the list.

Zelina Veja revealed on WWE The Bump that she would love to get an LWO tattoo. The stable might have just formed, but she’s already down to get that historic name on her body forever.

“I think I wanna get a tattoo, an LWO one. It’s part of history.”

Only time will tell if the new incarnation of the LWO will live on in history like Eddie Guerrero’s version. Zelina Vega has no doubts about her happiness at being part of this legendary stable.

Zelina Vega has company in Rey Mysterio, Legado Fe Fantasma, and Rey Mysterio. If things work out well, they could all get inked with the LWO letters to strengthen their bond.

What’s your take on Zelina Vega getting an LWO tattoo? Will she regret her decision? Comment!

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