Anticipated Tattoo Studio Steps Forward with Approved Plans

After plans are approved, a new tattoo shop will open. (Image: Pixabay)

Renfrewshire has approved plans to turn a former beauty salon in Paisley into a “contemporary tattoo studio.”Council.

After the previous tenant, About You, a site application was submitted to local authorities for 12 Forbes Place. Health Beauty Centre has decided to relocate.

Applicant David O’Neill has been given the relevant permissions – covering listed building and conservation area consents – for internal alterations to the ground floor commercial unit.

According to the design statement included with the application, the proposed changes for the property would return it “to a somewhat more original condition.”

The interior of 12 Forbes Place will be transformed into an elegant and contemporary tattoo studio while retaining its original character.

“The design will eliminate the small rooms in the interior, returning to the open-plan space of 30 years prior.

“Depending on what we discover during renovations, our goal would be to restore the original ceiling, which had been hidden for a while by a lowered roof.

This would also restore the tall room heights associated with this building period.

We feel that these changes will restore the property to its original condition. If it is impossible to do this, we will replace the current lowered ceiling.

“We plan also to use brick tiles on one wall. However, we prefer to expose the brick wall beneath the existing plasterwork. This will allow the fabric and character to be incorporated into the design.

The overall design will be classic and modern.

The applicant received a letter from Alasdair Morrison, the head of the council’s economy and development department, confirming the approval.

The handling report stated: “It has been concluded that the proposed changes will not hurt the historical or architectural importance of the listed building and could even positively influence restoring some of its original characteristics.”

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