I’m a Tattoo Artist and I Always Tell Customers This Before Inking Them

‘I’m a tattoo artist and I always tell clients to avoid certain designs – it’s bad luck

A group of tattoo artists has urged clients to stay clear of one particular ‘cursed’ design at all costs – claiming that it will only end up bringing them bad luck

Professional tattoo artists will be used to inking all manner of things on a person’s skin, but that doesn’t mean they’re always happy about it. Four tattooists now advise those who are considering new body art to avoid one common design, warning that it will only bring bad luck.

In a TikTok video, the tattooists at Markd Tattoo, Sydney, Australia, recently spoke out about their dislike for this design. It may be something you are currently considering.

In a video shared via TikTok, where the tattoo parlor regularly shares content under the username @markdtattoo, The artists were asked their opinions about the ink that is applied to their names by their partners. It turned out that they were not interested in the idea at all.

One of the artists warned: “Oi don’t, except you have kids or are married. It’s bad luck if you don’t.

Two men, tattoo artist tattooing a man's arm in his tattoo studio (Stock Photo)
They have warned you against tattooing your partner’s name onto your skin.

Commenters shared their stories of a loved-up couple. tattoos There was a mix of positive and negative outcomes.

One person wrote “Nah it’s no curse. After one year together, my man had his first tattoo. Five years later, we’re now married. Bye.”

Another said: “My mom got her ex’s name and when she split, she got a tattoo with a bird flying on it because it was less expensive than having it removed.”

A third commenter said: “My father got my ma’s names and they got divorcée so he got her a coffin.”

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