Katie Price confirms she’s single

Katie Price has confirmed that she is single, despite reports that Carl Woods was back with Katie after a tattoo of him on his chest.

In what could be in interpreted as a dig at her former fiancée Katie, 44, took to her Instagram Story to share a quote about being single.

The message stated, “The best part about being alone is that there’s no drama, fighting or crying.” No worries. No confusion.

The ex-model posted her post after it was revealed that Carl, aged 34, had traveled with her along with her youngest children to Thailand. It was done to save their relationship.

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Katie Price confirmed her single status on Instagram (Image: Instagram/Katie Price).

Insider gives you the inside scoop on the holiday season ahead The Sun Katie & Carl are trying to save their relationship and have agreed that they will attend couples therapy to save it.

“Carl has agreed to attend and has warned Katie if she plays games or cheats he’s done for good this time.”

Speaking about the pair’s recent family holiday, the source continued: “He says he won’t be made to look like a mug. They’ve gone to Thailand as a family with hopes of being able to move on from what’s happened in the past.”

In November, Katie and Carl announced their split. Former Love Island star Katie claimed that he had cheated on her.

Carl posted a video to his Instagram Story describing how he couldn’t speak it easily. It was embarrassing to admit that Katie is no longer with him.

“I found out yesterday that Katie cheated on me, she’s admitted that she’s cheated on me – she slept with somebody else.

“So yeah, that’s about it. I now have to focus on myself, rebuilding my life and getting it back on track. Concentrate on me. That’s it.

According to a source, however, they were believed to have rekindled their relationship earlier in the year. The Sun: “Katie & Carl are back together, but she’s trying to keep it secret because not all her family and friends approve.

Katie Price has said that she's single amid reports that she had rekindled her romance with Carl Woods
Katie Price claimed that she is single amid reports Carl Woods was rekindling their romance.

“He is already at home and she is still wearing the engagement rings.”

A source close to the couple claims that they split in January 2013. OK! that Katie and Carl couldn’t seem to stay away from each other, even after their very public fallout.

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