Liam Enisz Reigns Supreme in Recent Poll


Liam Enisz, the skilled artisan behind Undead Art in Stockton, has clinched the title of Teesside’s top tattoo artist, emerging victorious in a recent survey conducted by Teesside Live. Garnering nearly 500 votes, this accolade solidifies Liam’s reputation as the go-to ink virtuoso in the region.

Liam Enisz: A Rising Star

At the helm of Undead Art in Stockton, 36-year-old Liam Enisz has ascended to the zenith of the tattooing realm on Teesside. Formerly a serviceman in the British Army, Liam transitioned from military life to become a luminary in the tattoo industry. Known for his realistic style, he has carved a niche that resonates with clients seeking artistry that transcends the ordinary.

Liam’s Journey: From Army to Artistry

Undead Art, Liam’s brainchild, was established four years ago, marking a swift ascent to prominence. Drawing inspiration from his military background, where he served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kenya, Liam infuses his creations with precision and dedication. His commitment extends beyond artistry, offering continuous discounts for veterans entering his studio.

The Undead Art Experience: Client Testimonials

Customer testimonials paint a vivid picture of Liam’s prowess. Revered as “amazing” and “very professional from start to finish,” Liam’s dedication to his craft and clients shines through. The studio, now in Twisted Nostalgia Tattoo Studio in Stockton, has become a haven for those seeking top-notch artistry in a welcoming environment.

“Would highly recommend Undead Art; polite and friendly, immaculate studio. Liam is very professional from start to finish. Next sitting already booked,” attested one satisfied client. Another commented, “Brilliant artist, from talking designs to getting tattooed, nothing is a problem for Liam. Friendly guy, a comfortable shop, and top-notch artist.”

Liam likes to create realistic looking tattoos
Liam likes to create realistic-looking tattoos(Image: Liam Enisz)

Teesside’s Tattoo Landscape: Other Standouts

In a survey that unveiled the tattoo landscape of Teesside, Liam Enisz faced formidable competition. Artists like Katie Owen at Hoodsons Tattoos, Richard Guy, Rick Bartlett from Classic Ink Company in Stockton, Kez Hill of Intravenous Ink in Hartlepool, and Ink Driver in Billingham also earned commendations.

Gratitude and Beyond: Liam’s Response

Reacting to the news, Liam expressed his gratitude, saying, “Wow! Thank you so much. I got into tattooing for the love of art, and meeting new people, hearing their stories, and making friendships is a huge bonus for me. I see my clients as family, to be honest. I’m so grateful to be able to do what I do. Thank you!”

In the ever-evolving canvas of Teesside’s tattoo scene, Liam Enisz stands as a beacon of artistry, creating not just tattoos but memorable experiences for those who choose Undead Art.

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