Pete Wicks gets a tattoo after an unexpected loss on the Antiques Roadshow

Former TOWIE Pete Wicks, a BBC Two star, took extreme measures in honor of his time there. Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

The reality TV series was presented by Margie Clarke. They worked together to get the best possible price for antiques that they found in the Cotswolds.

Margie and Pete were challenged in a contest by Sam Thompson (Made In Chelsea star, podcast host, and podcast co-host) and Raj Bisram (his partner). They couldn’t get the highest bid on their items at auction.

Pete and Margie lost each other’s friendship but Pete still wanted to do something extraordinary.

Pete Wicks impressed his fans with his new tattoo that honors his BBC show loss

Margie said to him, “Does it matter?” We left with an amazing friendship. “We decided that Margi would be tattooed on our bodies if we won. Even though I lost, I still love you and will continue doing it.

Pete continued: “I don’t believe you realize how much you love me.”

Pete declared his love for Margie
Pete expressed his love for Margie

Pete was getting his tattoo done and he told Margie, “I bet you didn’t expect to go this on a trip with me!” Margie stood in a corner and laughed as Margie did the exact same.

After the treatment, Pete was very happy with his new ink. It’s amazing!

Margie was shocked, and she replied “I’m speechless!”

Margie, aged 71, inked a small P for Pete to her arm.

Margie got some ink too
Margie also received ink

She left the studio, told Pete, Sam, Raj, and Raj that she was having an “other experience!”

Sam and Raj made just over £400 from their antique sales, a grand amount that will be donated to charity.

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