Shine Blue River’s Gift Annual Giving Day Illuminates SIDS Awareness


In Australia, River’s Gift stands as a beacon of hope in the fight against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This pioneering charity, dedicated to funding SIDS research, is rallying schools, businesses, and communities to “Shine Blue” on its Annual Giving Day. November 7th marks a poignant day for River’s Gift, as it commemorates the 12th anniversary of River Waddell’s passing due to SIDS at just four months old.

SIDS remains a tragic and elusive mystery, claiming the lives of approximately 100 babies each year in Australia. The causes of many of these cases remain unknown, fueling the urgency for comprehensive research and understanding.

The River’s Gift campaign highlights SIDS, striving to raise vital funds for developing the SIDS biobank and genetic research. At the heart of this campaign is a call to action, encouraging children and adults to wear a “sky blue heart” hand tattoo on November 7th. This symbolic gesture is a small but meaningful way for individuals to unite behind the cause.

River’s Gift co-founder and River’s father, Karl Waddell, passionately conveys the importance of this collective effort. “We’d love for the community to come together with us and Shine Blue on November 7th. For over 11 years, we’ve been searching for answers as to why our healthy and safely slept son lost his life. Genetic research could hold the key to the puzzle and save future lives.”

River’s mother, Alexandra Hamilton, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that River’s legacy continues to have a profound impact. “I don’t want any other mother to wake to this nightmare; this is River’s Gift to the world. By the community coming together with us on November 7th, Shining Blue, it will have a profound impact.”

Businesses can actively participate as “Shine Blue Stars” by visiting the River’s Gift website and purchasing their own Shine Blue Star. The community is also encouraged to engage by purchasing the heart tattoos for just $1 each, available on the River’s Gift website shop (with a minimum order of 5 tattoos).

River’s Gift believes that together, we can illuminate the path toward a future where SIDS no longer casts its shadow. As the community unites in wearing the Sky blue heart tattoo, they not only honor River Waddell’s memory but also contribute to the ongoing mission of unraveling the mysteries of SIDS through genetic research.

To learn more about River’s Gift, its mission, and how you can contribute to the Annual Giving Day, visit Join us on November 7th as we Shine Blue to raise awareness and support SIDS research. Together, we can make a difference.

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