Tattoo Artist Amanda Peart Offers Hope and Confidence to Breast Cancer Survivors


A local stylist, Amanda Peart, has spent nearly two decades helping individuals feel their best and most comfortable in their skin. Her journey began with traditional hair services like cuts and colorings, but it has expanded to include permanent makeup. More recently, she’s extended her repertoire to embrace post-mastectomy medical tattooing. Inspired by her best friend, Alyssa Sparks, a two-time breast cancer survivor, Amanda is on a mission to provide these services to area breast cancer survivors at no cost.

Alyssa Sparks’ battle with breast cancer deeply impacted Amanda. It ignited a passion within her to make a profound difference in the lives of breast cancer survivors. Amanda’s vision is clear – she wants to empower these brave women to feel complete and comfortable in their skin. She said, “I just want women to be comfortable in their skin.”

This drive to help people embrace their inner strength led Amanda to explore post-mastectomy medical tattooing, a specialized technique used to recreate areolas and nipples after breast surgery. Amanda is eager to bring this form of healing and self-expression to those who have experienced the profound effects of breast cancer.

Amanda’s journey into post-mastectomy tattooing is a poignant one. She explains, “I’ve done hair for almost 20 years, and I’ve dealt with the shaving of the head, looking for wigs, and more. I wanted to expand my offerings to something that would have a lasting impact.” It was only a few years ago that Amanda discovered the world of post-mastectomy tattooing, and since then, she’s been on a relentless mission to learn and provide this service.

While Amanda has been offering permanent makeup services for several years, including eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner, and lip pigment, her focus has evolved to address the unique needs of cancer survivors. Many clients turned to her after experiencing hair loss during chemotherapy, often losing their eyebrows, eyelashes, and lip color. Amanda’s studio, located on the second floor of The Hair Receiver, is a sanctuary for self-discovery and personal transformation.

-Messenger photo by Kelby Wingert Amanda Peart had a client donate a jar filled with inspirational and encouraging notes for clients fighting or who have survived breast cancer. Peart is also licensed to tattoo permanent makeup and post-mastectomy medical tattoos. Next to the jar sits some of the tattoo pigments she uses to make the tattoos as realistic as possible.

A pivotal moment arrived when Amanda learned of an opportunity to receive specialized training for post-mastectomy medical tattooing. She attended a week-long class in Naples, Florida, in March of this year. Her best friend, Alyssa Sparks, who had been her source of inspiration for this undertaking, played a pivotal role in Amanda’s training as her model.

Alyssa Sparks shared her two-time breast cancer survivor journey, highlighting the transformative impact of post-mastectomy medical tattooing. The process of tattooing areolas and nipples gave her a newfound sense of self-confidence and comfort in her body. Alyssa says, “Having it done has completely changed how I look and feel about myself. I’m scarred from all my surgeries, which increased my confidence. It made me feel one million percent better about my body.”

Inspired by Alyssa’s story and recognizing the profound effects of this service, Amanda Peart is now dedicated to making it accessible to as many breast cancer survivors as possible. Her ultimate goal is to offer post-mastectomy areola and nipple tattooing free of charge to all cancer patients who have endured the hardships of their journey. She envisions a community of “Personal Expressions Angels” – donors and sponsors who share her commitment to helping others.

However, the path is not without its challenges. Each session is a meticulous process that can last more than three hours. Some clients require multiple sessions to achieve the results they desire. Amanda has reached out to several nonprofits with limited success. The expenses involved in training, continuing education, and materials can be substantial. Still, Amanda is committed to not passing these costs on to the clients she seeks to help.

Amanda accepts donations through her Venmo account, @Amanda-Peart-1, to realize her vision. She encourages donors to include their name and “Personal Expressions Angels” in the memo line. She plans to display the names of donors and wings on a particular board, symbolizing the support that allows her to continue making a difference.

Amanda dedicates much of her free time to honing her skills and aspiring to perfection in her craft. She practices tirelessly, working on artificial skin to master the intricacies of creating hyper-realistic tattoos. Her journey has required dedication and perseverance, especially as she had no formal artistic training. Learning the techniques for 3D effects was a mental challenge, but Amanda’s passion drove her forward.

In addition to her studio in Fort Dodge, Amanda works with HT Tattoos in Humboldt. When circumstances led to the closure of her shop in downtown Fort Dodge, HT Tattoos allowed her to continue her work. The mentors and support from the team in Humboldt were instrumental in her decision to embark on the training in Naples, Florida.

Amanda’s commitment extends beyond breast cancer survivors. She plans to use her skills in tattooing fingernails for a client who lost two in an accident. Her primary goal is to help people feel more comfortable and confident, and her devotion to her craft shines through in everything she does.

Current and past cancer survivors are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Amanda, even if unsure about pursuing tattooing. Her compassionate approach allows for a deep understanding of each individual’s needs. While Amanda can’t tattoo a patient currently undergoing chemotherapy due to the risk of infection, she can initiate the process of finding suitable pigments for future tattooing sessions.

Amanda Peart’s ultimate aspiration is to restore what her clients started with, one inked creation at a time. To schedule a consultation or learn more about her services, contact Amanda at 515-571-7039 or visit her website at

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