Tattoo Artists Give Back to Charities, and Cultural Enrichment in Trinidad and Tobago


Art and the sense of social collaboration are what Ibend Tattoo Parlour studio wanted to contribute to the development of Trinidad and Tobago and uplift body art quality.

In the last four years, Ibend has become a brand created by a Cuban family who came to TT to show its art on the skin and serve as social work support.

Juan Carlos García and Victor Gómez are two Cuban tattoo artists who started the project. They were joined by Venus Brett, a Venezuelan who became interested in their mission and decided to participate.


From left to right, Juan Carlos Garcia, Leymi Vidal Puente (co-founder and administrator of Ibend Tattoo Parlour), Venus Brett, and Victor Gomez unite their ideas of art and social sense. – Grevic Alvarado

García has 20 years of experience in body art and is a Spanish, English, and French graduate language teacher. Gómez and Bret each have four years of experience in body art. Bret is also a cartoonist and dancer.

Garcia told Newsday the studio focuses on tattoo designs and the growth and improvement of the art and social responsibility initiatives.

The studio has sponsored socio-cultural events in collaboration with Popeyes, Burger King, and TT Tattoo Fest and donated to charities and animal shelters, including the TT Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TTSPCA).

“We bring them not only food but also materials for cleaning and hygiene of the shelters. Ibend tries to spread its members’ affection for animals and art.”


Juan Carlos García and Victor Gómez during a tattoo session at their studio located on the Priority Bus Route, San Juan – Grevic AlvaradoBased on the local love for body art, the studio decided to run promotions that exchanged tattoo tickets for food donations, medicine, and cleaning utensils, which are then donated to the shelters, Garcia said.

“We want to extend this project to other parts of the island to bring the love of art, with a touch of foreign culture, to make the TT cultural melting pot grow and enrich.”

Ibend Tattoo Parlour also offers tutorials on tattooing and its techniques to aspiring artists, which is why the owners have created their brand of tattoo supplies to promote quality and, above all, safety guidelines to practice the art.


Venus Bret t(@venuz_brett) Venezuelan artist who joined the Ibend project for its social focus beyond the tattoo business – Grevic Alvarado

Gómez said, “We are growing. We want to promote our brand as a business but also let people know that when they work with us, they also do so with a social sense.”

Brett said they are bringing together the art and ideas of all three artists to move the studio forward.

“We are the first studio to perform a tattoo between three artists simultaneously. This is an example of the teamwork that we want to promote.”


Juan Carlos García (@inkbendertattoo), Cuban creator and founder of Ibend Tattoo Parlour, with 20 years of experience in body art – Grevic AlvaradoGarcía said the goal is to continue expanding the brand with additional tattoo supplies while working with a social focus.

Ibend Tattoo Parlour is located on the Priority Bus Route, San Juan.

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