Thatcham Tattoo Fundraiser Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors Through Mastectomy Tattoo Alliance Support


A tattoo event has raised over a thousand pounds for a cancer charity.

Black Rabbit Tattoo Collective in Thatcham raised £1,347.10 for the Mastectomy Tattoo Alliance (MTA).

The MTA supports breast cancer survivors to reclaim their bodies after mastectomy surgeries.

It also trains tattoo artists to tattoo fake nipples onto people.

Thatcham tattoo artist Carrie Buckley, who has been in the business for seven years, along with her colleagues Lou Henley and Belle Atkins, organized the fundraising event on Sunday, October 29.

Carrie Buckley, picture: Mark Eastmond
Carrie Buckley, picture: Mark Eastmond

There was coffee, cakes and music to enjoy while people got tattooed for a more significant cause.

Miss Buckley – who studied animations and illustrations at university – described the event as a day of girl power.

“I think it meant a lot to everyone,” she said.

Belle Atkins, picture: Mark Eastmond
Belle Atkins, picture: Mark Eastmond

“My partner’s wife died of cancer five years ago, and he does a massive amount for charity.

“And my aunty passed away from cancer.

Lou Henley, picture: Mark Eastmond
Lou Henley, picture: Mark Eastmond

“Everyone put the same amount of energy into the day.

“There was a perfect atmosphere.

“It’s nice to see just how strong women are.”

Miss Buckley has tattooed women who have had mastectomies in the past, covering their scars with flowers and butterflies.

One woman, Alex, said: “I wanted the tattoo, as the scar was a constant reminder of what I’d been through.

“Carrie designed the tattoo with precisely what I wanted and what would cover the scar.

“She did fantastic work, and instead of a scar, I now have a beautiful floral tattoo.

“My tattoo means the world to me, and I now smile when I see myself in the mirror.”

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