World’s worst celebrity tattoos: Can YOU guess the star from these horrific inkings?

Super fans will do anything to support their favorite stars, even getting tattoos of them.

These loyal fans inked their bodies with images of their favorite actors, musicians, and athletes.

Many of these portraits, however, are not desirable and raise questions about the stars that tattoos are supposed to represent.

Just days after the announcement, it is now that the heavyweight champion has been revealed. Tyson Fury MailOnline has published a mocking tattoo of a fan’s face and challenged readers to guess who star is being honored in these horrible tattoos

Matthew Haddon-Reichardt decided to get an enormous tattoo of one celebrity in order to raise money for charity since he was too unfit to run a marathon

Matthew Haddon-Reichardt wanted to get a huge tattoo of a celebrity to raise money for charity, since he was not able to run a marathon.

Matt Benton got a tattoo of this athlete after he lost a bet made at the UEFA Euro 2016

Matt Benton got a tattoo of this athlete after he lost a bet made at the UEFA Euro 2016

Singer-songwriter Kelsy Karter, 31, got a shocking face tattoo of this popstar that - to the great relief of her friends and family - turned out to be fake

Kelsy Karter, a 31-year-old singer-songwriter, got a shocking tattoo of the popstar on her face that – to the relief of her friends – was fake

Stephen 'Steve' Jones, from Stockport, spent 4 hours and hundreds of pounds getting a portrait of this actress tattooed on his forearm

Stockport resident Stephen ‘Steve’ ‘Steve’ ‘Steve’ ‘Steve’ ‘Steve’ ‘Steve’ ‘Steve spent 4 hours and hundreds to get a portrait of this actress tattooed onto his forearm.

Mr Jones also added this soap star tattoo to the collection on his body

Mr Jones also added the soap star to his body collection.

Kelvin Jackson-Bowers got a tattoo of this television presenting duo to boost his chances of wining a trip to Florida

Kelvin Jackson-Bowers got a tattoo of this television presenting duo to boost his chances of wining a trip to Florida

Carl McCoid has three tattoos paying tribute to this popstar on his body

Ironing business owner Carl McCoid has three tattoos paying tribute to this popstar on his body

Viv Bodycote got a tattoo of this broadcaster hugging his bodyguard after having watched his show every day for 14 years

After 14 years of watching his show, Viv Bodycote was inspired to get a tattoo showing this broadcaster hugging his guard.

Mandy Crowther got a picture of her favourite actor tattooed on her back next to his signature

Mandy Crowther got a picture of her favourite actor tattooed on her back next to his signature

Robert Hogan decided to get this back tattoo after this celebrity won his third Formula 1 championship in a row in 2019

Robert Hogan chose to get this back tattoo when he won the 2019 Formula 1 Championship.

Jon Pitman, a professional boxing coach, had his tattoo of this boxer signed by the heavyweight champ himself at an evening dinner event at The Spirit Centre in Slough in 2012

Jon Pitman, a professional coach in boxing, had his tattoo signed by the heavyweight champion himself during an evening dinner at The Spirit Centre, Slough, 2012.

A fan got a cartoon-looking drawing of this Queen of Pop tattoo on their back

A Queen of Pop tattoo was given to a fan by a cartoon-looking drawing.

Without the popstar's name tattooed above, most people would struggle to guess who this is

Most people wouldn’t be able to guess the name of this popstar if it wasn’t for the tattoo above.

A fan got a tattoo of this singer and actress tattooed on his arm. The star seemingly autographed the tattoo

A fan had a tattoo of the singer and actress on his arm. The tattoo was signed by the star.

One fan got three depictions of this performer tattooed on his chest

Three tattoos of the performer were done on one fan’s chest.

One fan got both a popstar and television personality tattooed on their body

One fan got both a popstar and television personality tattooed on their body

MailOnline revealed the most bizarre celebrity tattoos, including one of Nigel Farage’s contorted faces while eating a McDonald’s milkshake. Michelle Keegan is also featured.

Tyson Fury endorsed a mockumentary tattoo in honor of the heavyweight champion earlier this week.

Anna Sinclair, mother of two, stated that Gypsy King was her idol in inspiring her to stop drinking alcohol.

After seeing Fury in Tenerife, she jumped at the chance to show him her ink art.

Ms Sinclair posted her first tattoo to Facebook. She was bombarded by hateful comments saying that it looked nothing like Tyson Fury.

After her idol had confirmed that the tattoo was his, she felt like she had the last laugh.

Tyson Fury was fortunate enough to have a crown as a tattoo on his fan’s arm, but Nigel Farage wasn’t so lucky.

Matthew Haddon-Reichardt, a writer, decided to tattoo the ex-UKIP leader with a huge McDonald’s milkshake on to his thigh in 2019 to raise money for charity.

Farage’s bemused expression is also used in the lyrics of the song, “My milkshake takes all the boys to our yard,”

The heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury said he loved Anna Sinclair's ink work after the pair met in Tenerife

Tyson Fury was the world heavyweight champion and he said he loved Anna Sinclair’s ink work after they met in Tenerife.

Mr Haddon-Reichardt described himself as pro-UKIP and anti-Brexit and said he wanted an equally ambiguous tattoo to irritate both Brexiteers and Remainers

Mr Haddon Reichardt described his views as pro-UKIP/anti-Brexit. He also stated that he would like a similarly ambiguous tattoo to anger both Brexiteers, and Remainers.

According to Mr Haddon-Reichardt, he originally had the idea for the charity fundraiser after he realized he wasn’t physically able to run a marathon, but he was perfectly capable of getting a’silly’ tattoo.

Farage was pelted by milkshake during campaigning for Brexit in Newcastle in 2019.

He explained that he wanted a tattoo that was both ambiguous and irritant enough to upset both Remainers and Brexiteers, as the UK prepared for its departure from the EU.

Stephen Jones, a super soap fan from Manchester, has added Michelle Keegan’s tattoo to his calf along with other soap stars.

It was the only problem: it was nothing like her.

However, Jones made sure to include the signature of former Coronation Street star.

This was a nice addition to his Michelle Keegan tattoo on his stomach.

This mega soap fan also admires the ink work of Tina O’Brien, and Kim Marsh, both Coronation Street actresses.

Yet, even Mr Jones might agree that no one is as dedicated a fan as the Miley Cyrus obsessed Carl McCoid.

The East Yorkshire ironing business owner spent nearly £3,000 on getting 29 tattoos of the Hannah Montana star on his body.

Mega soap fan Stephen Jones decided to get a portrait of former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan on his calf along with her signature

The Brassic actor is lucky enough to have two tattoos of herself on superfan Stephen Jones - one on his calf and one across his stomach

Can you tell the difference? Let’s hope Stephen Jones, mega soap fan, kept his receipt on his Michelle Keegan leg tattoo

Mr Jones is a massive Coronation Street fan and has several soap stars tattooed across his body

Mr Jones is a big Coronation Street fan. He also has tattoos of several soap stars across his body

Mr McCoid, from East Yorkshire, has 29 tattoos of Miley Cyrus across his body including the words 'BREAKOUT' and 'OBSESSED' on his forearms, which refer to one of her songs and albums

East Yorkshire native Mr McCoid has 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos across his body. The words ‘BREAKOUT” and ‘OBSESSED are on his forearms. They refer to one her songs or albums.

The singer-songwriter caused quite the storm on social media which was all in aid of promoting her new single about Styles

The singer-songwriter caused quite a stir on social media, all in aid to promoting her new single Styles

Kelsy revealed the worried text messages her mother sent her as she hid at her manager's house for three days so no one would know the tattoo was fake

Kelsy shared the concerned text messages she received from her mother as she hid at the house of her manager for three days to hide the tattoo.

McCoid even named one of his daughters after Cyrus, who was 30 years old at the time. He said that the pop star helped him through the divorce process.

However, the mega fan admitted that he wanted all of them removed in 2010, after they were called ‘creepy’ and ugly’ by the singer.

It was possible to cover tattoos with either a long-sleeve or a pair of trousers up until now for every ultra-fan.

Kelsy Karter was definitely not affected by this.

The fake tattoo was inked on the cheek of the 31-year old New Zealand artist to promote her new single, ‘Harry’.

Karter said that after her $300 stunt, she received a lot of hate from Harry Styles fans and worried phone calls and texts from friends.

To make things seem extra real she even hired the famous Los Angeles tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste to do the deed and hid at her manager’s house for three days.

Now on to Matt Benton – this football fan lost a very painful bet after promising to get Manchester United star Harry Maguire’s face inked on to his chest if he scored against Sweden in England’s 2018 World Cup quarter-final.

Benton, a former Leicester City centre back, posted the final artwork to Twitter. He promised to send the dedicated fan an England shirt signed and dated by the entire squad.

Maguire also showed a sense of humour by tweeting: ‘Can’t believe what I’m seeing… Great effort. DM me and I’ll sort out a signed England shirt from the lads. #FullyDeserved #YouMustHaveABigChest.’

After getting his inkwork done, Mr. Benton has a slightly reddened chest but looks happy with the results.

Viv Bodycote was a former teacher assistant and decided to get a massive tattoo of Jeremy Kyle with his security guard on her chest.

Matt Benton seems very happy despite a sore looking Harry Maguire tattoo on his chest

Matt Benton appears happy despite the Harry Maguire tattoo he has on his chest

Viv Bodycote said she watched The Jeremy Kyle show every day for 14 years and wanted to honour her favourite TV presenter

Viv Bodycote stated that she has watched The Jeremy Kyle Show every day for 14+ years and was proud to honor her favorite TV presenter.

Jeremy Kyle's security guard, known as Big Steve, was a staple on the show before it was cancelled in 2019

Big Steve, Jeremy Kyle’s security guard, was a fixture on the show before it was canceled in 2019.

Ms. Bodycote stated that she watched the Jeremy Kyle Show every day for 14 years, and that she wanted to pay tribute to her favorite TV host.

It took six-and-a half hours to complete the ink work. After showing it to her hero he joked that it looked like he had wind.

On to another pair of TV show hosts, Kelvin Jackson-Bowers decided to get Ant and Dec tattooed on his leg to boost his chances of winning an all expenses paid trip to Florida on Saturday Night Takeaway.

However, just hours after his tattoo was finished Ant McPartlin was arrested for drink driving and the show was taken off the air leaving Mr Jackson-Bowers with a pretty useless tattoo.

His family, who are obsessive about Saturday Night Takeaway, finally convinced him to get the inkwork to increase their chances of winning.

Although it did not go exactly according to plan, he said that he did the act for his six year old child, who was determined to win the prize.

These bizarre and amazing entries round out this collection of celeb tats.

Soap opera mega fan Mandy Crowther decided to get a portrait of EastEnders star Shane Ritchie on her back to match her Shane Ritchie branded car and wheelie bin.

She paid £1,000 to have pictures of him printed across her Peugeot 306 Cabriolet convertible and has also adorned her home with Shane Ritchie memorabilia.

It took days of convincing from his family but he finally gave in and let his tattoo artist father-in-law give him the ink

After many days of convincing his family, he finally caved and allowed his father-in law to give him the ink.

Ms Crowther admitted her son was embarrassed by his mum's obsession with Ritchie, who plays the popular character Alfie Moon on EastEnders, and he would often wear a hat so he wasn't seen with her

Ms Crowther acknowledged that her son was embarrassed at Ritchie’s obsession. Ritchie is the actor who plays Alfie Moon in EastEnders. She would often make sure he wore a hat so he wouldn’t be seen with her.

Robert Hogan, a Didcot, Oxfordshire lorry driver, took it one step further than Ms Crowther, and dedicated his entire back to Lewis Hamilton, seven-time Formula 1 champion.

Robert, also known as Budgie, stated that the entire process took over a year.

To make his dream a reality, he enlisted the assistance of Ladislav Hacel, a tattoo artist.

Jon Pitman, a professional boxing coach, also had Mike Tyson sign his tattoo.

Madonna is often seen sporting very long legs and, rather bizarrely, a gun on the back of one her most dedicated fans.

Another Madonna fanatic has gotten what is believed to be the 64 year-old Queen Of Pop on his calf. But I’m not convinced.

In Los Angeles, a Lady Gaga with a longer neck was found on a fan’s arm and also on the torso d another superfan.

One RuPaul and Pink megafan decided to have giant portraits of them across their thighs.

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