5 Tattoo Regrets With The Team At The Australian Tattoo Expo


The Southern Hemisphere’s premier tattoo event, the Australian Tattoo Expo, will be held in Melbourne this December. With over 400 world-class tattoo artists, this expo will transform the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre into a celebration of the rich and diverse world of tattoo and body art culture.

Prepare for a spectacle of ink and creativity as The Australian Tattoo Expo descends upon the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from December 1 to 3. Founded by Kevin Mack in 2011, this expo has evolved with the changing perception of tattoos—from symbols of rebellion to forms of self-expression.

More than just a gathering, this expo offers many experiences for tattoo enthusiasts and novices. Over 400 esteemed tattoo artists will convene, allowing attendees to explore various genres, histories, trends, and techniques. It’s an opportunity to meet talented artists, witness the CTAA Tattoo Competition Series, and even get inked on the spot.

One highlight is the participation of celebrity tattoo artist Lauren Winzer, renowned for tattooing some of Hollywood’s biggest names. For those feeling adventurous, the Dr Pickles Tattoo Glory Hole adds an element of unpredictability to your ink destiny.

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However, as the saying goes, not all tattoos are created equal. To help attendees navigate the world of permanent art, the expo introduces the Sh.ttest Tattoo Competition, addressing common regrets associated with tattoo choices. Here are five regrets highlighted by the expo:

1. Size Matters: Choosing the right size for your tattoo is crucial. Avoid the common pitfall of envisioning a delicate design that turns out more significant than expected, leading to a potential eyesore. Please consult your tattooist, measure it on your body, and ensure the size aligns with your vision.

2. Use Spell Check: Text tattoos require extra caution. Don’t fall victim to permanent spelling errors. Utilize spell check on your computer before getting words permanently etched on your skin. Prevention is critical to avoiding the embarrassment of a misspelled tattoo.

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3. Trend Cycles: Consider the longevity of your chosen design. Tattoos inspired by fleeting trends might not stand the test of time. Reflect on whether you’ll love the tattoo years down the line. If uncertain, take a year to mull over the decision, ensuring a timeless choice.

4. Ex-lovers: A cautionary tale against inking the name of a significant other. Relationships can be unpredictable, and a once-beloved tattoo may become a source of regret. Avoid this common pitfall to spare yourself from potential cover-up tattoos.

5. Drunken Mistakes: Tattooing under the influence rarely leads to positive outcomes. Many regrets stem from drunken decisions made in the wee hours. Most reputable tattoo parlors now refuse service to intoxicated individuals, preventing impulsive choices that could haunt you later.

Tickets for The Australian Tattoo Expo in Melbourne are available here.

From December 1 to 3, don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of tattoos and body art.

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