7th Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention: A Celebration of Diverse Art and Urban Culture


In tattoos, there is no right or wrong style – it’s all an expression of art. Whether you prefer classic old-school designs, the detailed fine line work, the striking dynamism of realistic tattoos, the mysterious beauty of tribal art, or even the exotic feel of Japanese designs, all these styles contribute to the richness and diversity of the art of tattoos. From intricate masterpieces to minimalist designs, tattoos have become a way to tell our stories, express our values, and showcase the uniqueness of our identity.

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On December 8, 9, & 10, the entire creative and passionate tattoo community will gather at the 7th Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention at the HELEXPO Exhibition Center. Around 200 of the best tattoo artists from Northern Greece and abroad will be present, engaging in live tattooing to create masterpieces on the spot. They will also participate in tattoo contests, highlighting the best designs in each category.

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Get your ticket for the 7th Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention here.

But this gathering is not limited to tattoos alone. The 7th Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention will transform the HELEXPO Exhibition Center into an ultimate celebration of urban culture, with a series of parallel events that will captivate every visitor. There will be DJ sets and live bands providing an authentic musical experience. Simultaneously, Graffiti Shows will bring street art to the forefront, along with Acrobatics and Bike and Skate Shows for adrenaline enthusiasts.

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Various forms of contemporary art converge at the 7th Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention. Purchase tickets here.

At a designated area of the HELEXPO, Art Exhibitions will offer a glimpse into the world of modern art. Game Rooms with popular games will provide friendly competition among friends.

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Of course, a celebration is not complete without food and drinks, so there will be various options for street food and beverages to complement this urban experience. There will be a kids’ playground for the young visitors for endless play and fun.

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You’ll find the right and honest street food at the 7th Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention.

A distinct and significant element of the 7th Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention is its active contribution to social causes. Since its inception, the festival has supported the non-profit organization Make-A-Wish Greece, an admirable initiative that brightens the lives of children facing serious illnesses. Through the STAR YOUR BODY initiative, the Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention offers visitors the opportunity to contribute to this cause by getting a tattoo of selected star designs. 100% of the proceeds from these tattoos go to the Make-A-Wish Greece organization, helping fulfill the wishes and dreams of these children.

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The cost for the star-shaped tattoo for Make-A-Wish Greece is 20 euros and is not included in the ticket price.

All these elements compose a rich, dynamic, and multidimensional experience, making the 7th Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention not just a festival but a cultural hub that unites art, community, and entertainment.

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