Australasia’s Biggest Tattoo Festival Awaits in Taranaki for 11th Event


The Bepanthen NZ Tattoo and Art Festival, the largest tattoo convention in Australasia, is gearing up for a vibrant return to Taranaki. This weekend event, organized by Brent Taylor, promises more than just ink, with over 250 artists from around the globe converging at the TSB Stadium in New Plymouth.

Prepare for an explosion of creativity and ink as the Bepanthen NZ Tattoo and Art Festival makes its triumphant return to Taranaki. Brent Taylor, the festival’s organizer, is excited to welcome over 250 talented artists from across the globe to the TSB Stadium for a weekend filled with art, entertainment, and the unmistakable buzz of tattoo culture.

Australasia’s premier tattoo convention, now in its 11th edition, is not just an event for tattoo enthusiasts. Taylor assures that even if you’re not planning to get inked, the festival offers an incredible day out for everyone.

Amid the vibrant atmosphere, visitors can expect various entertainment options beyond the tattoo chair. BMX enthusiasts are in for a treat with thrilling BMX shows featuring 10-12 riders executing jaw-dropping tricks, including double backflips. The festival also celebrates young talent, with winners from the Big Air Nationals Under 16 and Open Grade competitions earning the coveted opportunity to showcase their skills at the event.

Taylor emphasizes that the festival is not solely for those with pre-booked appointments. Many artists will have walk-up slots available, making it easy for attendees to choose a design and spontaneously get inked on the spot.

“It’s easy. You can walk up, pick something you like, and get a tattoo on the day,” says Taylor.

Beyond the tattoo booths, the festival boasts an array of activities and attractions. From retail stores offering unique finds to a lively bar and a DJ spinning tunes into the night, there’s something for everyone. The festival kicks off on Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm and continues on Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Taylor, who coaches a local rugby team, shares that the setup involves considerable effort, with his team lending a hand on Thursday as part of their fundraising endeavors. The sense of community involvement adds an extra layer of connection to the festival.

Tickets for the Bepanthen NZ Tattoo and Art Festival are available through Ticketek, and children under 14 can enjoy free entry, making it a family-friendly event. As the festival returns after the challenges posed by the pandemic, Taylor expresses enthusiasm for returning to normal and celebrating the global tattoo community.

So, whether you’re an avid tattoo enthusiast, an art lover, or simply seeking a day of entertainment, the Bepanthen NZ Tattoo and Art Festival promises an unforgettable weekend in Taranaki. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of ink, creativity, and cultural expression as the festival paints the town with the colors of global tattoo artistry.

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