Australian Tattoo Expo Holds the Ugliest Tattoo Competition at the International Convention Centre in Sydney

The 12th Annual Australian Tattoo Expo attracted thousands of tattoo-loving fans from all over the globe.

The three-day festival is being held at Sydney’s International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour with events running from Friday right through to Sunday.

Saturday’s crowd was treated to the fan-favorite Ugliest Tattoo Competition, which saw attendees show off their worst tattoos.

Many Simpsons characters were included in the list.

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The annual Australian Tattoo Expo attracted a big crowd in Sydney on Saturday. Nicole won the highly anticipated and vile tattoo competition.
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Nicole will have her horrible Phoenix bird tattoo (pictured below) removed free of charge
68580533 11847473 Tattooed fire twirlers on the stage kept crowds entertained a 95 1678531394990
Crowds were entertained by tattooed fire twirlers.
68580407 11847473 Thousands of tattoo fans flocked to the three day event at the I a 96 1678531394990
The International Convention Centre hosted the three-day event to which thousands of tattoo enthusiasts flocked.
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Many Simpsons characters were included in the list.
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Many of the regrettable tattoos were Simpson’s characters.

Other highlights include a massive unfinished koi fish, a gorgeous rendering of the word moo’, and a sketchy cat.

The competition will award prizes such as joke trophies and tattoo removal vouchers.

Nicole, age 28, was awarded the title of winner for her Phoenix Bird tattoo back. The competition sponsor paid Nicole to have it removed.

The huge event brought together more than 400 of Australia’s most renowned tattoo artists to share new ink.

After being caught trying to enter with fake tattoos, a cheeky contestant was seen running from the venue.

For those not looking for any new tattoos, the expo offered the chance to learn about different genres, trends, and techniques.

At least one person got her first tattoo at the event.

There are many side shows, including fire dancers and sword swallowers.

Organizers stated that Australian Tattoo Expo places a strong emphasis on talent and encourages the public to visit the event.

The Australian Tattoo Expo is the best place to get introduced to tattooing and other body art.

68580413 11847473 Many attendees were proud to show off their colourful inked desi a 91 1678531394186
Many people were proud to display their colorful inked designs.
68580571 11847473 This attendee allegedly tried to enter the ugliest tattoo compet a 90 1678531394185
The attendee tried to get into the most disgusting tattoo competition with fake ink
68580801 11847473 image a 27 1678531232886
At the annual event, more than 400 tattoo artists were able to showcase their talents.
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The cost of a single-day pass to the expo was $45 for non-concession card holders and $30 for concession card holders. However, multi-day passes are available online.
68578497 11847473 Saturday saw dozens of brave tattoo lovers show their most regre a 15 1678527671737
Many brave tattoo lovers showed their regrets on Saturday.
68578471 11847473 image m 13 1678523005286
The expo was a great opportunity to repair past mistakes as more than 400 of Australia’s most popular tattoo artists gathered to give new ink.
68578507 11847473 image m 23 1678523150092
Another highlight of the competition was a questionable sketch of a cat
68578461 11847473 image a 24 1678523162332
A beautiful rendering was another highlight of the competition
68578513 11847473 The expo also marks the launch of the Competitive Tattooing Asso a 97 1678531395031
The expo also marks the launch of the Competitive Tattooing Association Australia’s Tattoo Series competition that offers prizes worth $60,000. Here are some regrettable tattoos

Other major events included a live chat featuring Ami James, a celebrity Hollywood tattoo artist, and Sydney’s-own Kian Real from Authentic Ink.

Ami, who is Jewish and served in the Israeli military, was cast for one of the first reality shows on the TLC network, Miami Ink.

He was paired with Kat Von D, a controversial beauty influencer.

Kat was accused of making anti-Semitic remarks about Ami at the time. However, she strongly refutes these allegations.

When asked about the comments by Daily Mail Australia on Saturday, Ami said: ‘Many people do (make anti-Semitic comments), just leave it at that.’

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Also, the event attracted many tattoo artists who worked tirelessly on Saturday
68578459 11847473 Prizes for the Ugliest Tattoo Competition on Saturday included t a 93 1678531394187
On Saturday, the Ugliest Tattoo Competition offered prizes that included tattoo removal vouchers
68578481 11847473 image m 35 1678523418747
Saturday’s Expo attendees were treated to fan-favorite Ugliest Tattoo Competition
68578475 11847473 image a 36 1678523429373
Many brave people take to the stage to display their worst ink.
68578479 11847473 Other main events for the expo include a live chat with famous H a 94 1678531394187
Other highlights include a live chat from Ami James, a celebrity Hollywood tattoo artist, as well as Kian Forreal, Sydney’s tattoo artist.
68578485 11847473 image m 47 1678526957177

Attendees paid $45 for a single-day pass to the event, but multi-day passes could be purchased online.

The expo also marks the launch of the Competitive Tattooing Association Australia’s Tattoo Series competition.

The competition will see Australia’s top tattoo artists compete to win a $60,000 prize.

The competition will be held over seven rounds, with the expo making its way through each state capital. It will end in Melbourne on December 3.

Three categories will be awarded: a solo artist will receive $30,000; a collaboration series could win $20,000; and $10,000 will go to the winner of the people’s choice.

68578523 0 image m 3 1678522764444
Australia’s 12th Annual Tattoo Expo saw many brave tattoo lovers display their worst ink for The Ugliest Tattoo Competition.
68578525 0 image m 4 1678522779592
The prizes for the Ugliest Tattoo Competition were tattoo removal vouchers as well as joke trophies
68578463 11847473 image m 11 1678522968524
There were many side shows at the expo, including fire dancers and sword swallowers.

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